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I've been using this program from years but I've never participated in anything or written anything on here before. I have paid for the android app and the windows 10 app and I love them, used to do all my planning and designing by hand. So I traded hand cramps and rough drawings for neck cramps and 3D rendering :D

Now I'm doing more messing around with the actual architecture of the houses and I'm finding it difficult due to a lack of options. I know nothing about what goes into developing a program like this so I don't know how hard it would be to implement any of my ideas but I figured I'd put them out there.
Roofs. I can do plenty with the one roof option aesthetically but I there's no corner piece option so I can't make the roof actually sit right on the house.
Rooms. On the windows app it's rather difficult to get the walls to snap together properly. With some fiddling I can make it work but yea, not the easiest.
Walls and Ceilings. I would love to have glass as a texture so I can have a glass ceiling or walls. Overlapping windows for walls works but not ceilings. Skylights would be awesome too.
I also have lots of ideas for interior stuff but I think this is enough from me for now.

Seeing as how I don't use the website (my internet sucks) and I only paid for the phone and computer apps, I don't know if this is stuff I can do online but I know I can't do it on either app.

Please and Thanks
2017-10-16 12:53:32
Hello there.

Concerning roofs-

Snapping already implemented in Windows 10 app, go to options and turn it on.

Other ideas- noted and taken into consideration.
2017-11-07 08:36:13
Wassup yall!
2018-01-09 23:14:45

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2018-01-10 07:24:04
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