Hot Interior Design Trends for 2023

Read on for what's new in interior design for 2023.

Hot Interior Design Trends for 2023
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Each year, our interior design pros evaluate the latest decor trends in interior design and offer us their predictions for what will be hot in the upcoming year. This can include a modern take on the classics, a trend resurfacing again or a brand new one taking shape. If you’re an interior design enthusiast like us, you know how exciting that can be.

Maybe you’ve already spotted some of these trends, or maybe you have had your eye on one for your next design project. From color palettes to fabrics and finishes, here is what you need to know about the latest trends in interior design for 2023, room by room.

After years of dominating our homes, all-white kitchens are making way for more colors and textures. We’ll see a lot more bold colors and patterns used in wallpaper and backsplashes. Natural woods, sustainable materials and paneling will be a hot kitchen trend in 2023. Statement light fixtures, mixed metals and natural stone will also play a prominent role in kitchen design.

As we move away from separating ourselves from others, our living rooms offer a renewed sense of togetherness and camaraderie. In the upcoming year, we’ll see a shift into living rooms as multipurpose spaces with comfortable, often curved furniture, eco-friendly materials and bold colors. Comfort lighting, natural fabrics and mixed styles will all be living room staples.

The upcoming interior design trends in bathroom design are all about comfort and luxury. Built-in shower seating and benches, bathtubs and accent walls are what’s going to be hot this year. Add in high-tech features, backlight mirrors and heated floors, and you have yourself a cozy oasis to enjoy and unwind. Lighting is also going to be a key feature, with different lighting options to create the perfect atmosphere.

Like all the other rooms in the home, bedrooms are going to see statement lighting, unique accent walls and curved furniture. Expect to see mixed patterns, natural elements and lots of plants. White and neutral color palettes are also leaving the bedroom space and are being replaced with more color and vibrancy.

Kids rooms will also see a shift to more organic materials, geometric shapes and fun design. Expect more gender-neutral color palettes and multipurpose spaces where kids can play, sleep and relax. As sustainability has become more of a focus for the whole family, kids rooms will see the same trend. Eco-friendly and natural materials in furniture, carpets, linens and curtain will also play a role here to create a sense of comfort while giving children an outlet for their imaginations.


After several years of neutral palettes and minimalistic designs, we are seeing a shift in how we decorate our homes. Overall, we’ll see a lot less white and a whole lot more patterns, colors and textures. While natural and organic materials are here to stay, we’ll see a lot more mixing of design styles and decor. Bathtubs and creative lighting solutions are leading the way in making our homes comfortable, warm and inviting.

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