Chinese interior style

Let’s get back in time for a week and create a room to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Design a living room with a dining area featuring the Chinese style.

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Chantel Emond

I love the creative use of furniture. Please check out mine on pg 138

2021-02-16 18:45:51
User 20244259

thank you.

2021-02-16 19:11:03

I like it. Its isn't perfect for the theme but good!

2021-02-16 19:27:15
User 20244259

thank you, i actually researchedchinese modern themes and this is what it pretty much looks like.

2021-02-16 19:49:41
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2021-02-16 20:48:13
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi, you have followed the instruction. the colors you chose are amazing! Its so cool. I invite you to my project on page 110. I Am bit late.

2021-02-16 23:57:09

Thanks for your comment. As I chose the colors, I immersed myself in the Chinese restaurants and homes where I was visiting. That’s why I used so much red and dark colors. You have prepared a really nice project. Of course, bright colors have their charm. And this is reflected in your work. Very interestingly, you have decorated the walls, which kill the monotony of the space with a specific pattern. The wood paneling behind the TV also seems to me to be a very good solution. The chandelier, which is a combination of three, is a great light layout in a room. In short, nice.

2021-02-17 14:07:12
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2021-02-17 16:42:18
User 15281715

2021-02-17 16:42:32

i love what you did with your coach look super cool

2021-02-18 00:06:30
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2021-02-18 02:29:06
User 20244259

Thank you every1, reallly appreciate

2021-02-18 11:57:18

Mine: Thank you so much Dream Designs ;). I am so glad that you are a Ravenclaw as well. I love the wall too. Quick question, what does gr8!! mean? For you: Dream Designs;), you are so right about the modern take, but I sort of cannot tell the theme. I love what you did with the murals. I think more accents of the theme would be great. I like the flooring, dresser, and curtain. I am obsessed with how it turned out. Look's great! It's very creative. Please check out mine, make sure to comment!

2021-02-18 13:36:15
✨g r a c e✨

beautiful design !! i love the pops of color on the pillows making the room a cheery place, that is the best way to start the new year !! i can tell you got creative with this design and i LOVE it !! great job @Dream Designs ;) !

2021-02-18 13:39:08
User 20244259

thank you both!! @T:) - i wanted my room to have a more subtle theme as is seen with a lot of chinese modern and luxurious rooms that i have researched.

2021-02-18 13:47:03

Yes. All together I see it, I see Chinese accents. Also a response to your comment on my page- It's fine, I understand, there is no reason to be sorry.

2021-02-18 13:56:27
User 20244259

ok thank you!

2021-02-18 13:57:09

Wow, this is beautiful! You have really nailed both that modern and luxurious feel. The use of furniture, space, and colors is really stunning. Some elements don't really give me a Chinese feel, but otherwise, this is pretty much perfect. I could definitely see this room being used to entertain guests for Chinese New Year.

2021-02-18 13:58:04
User 20244259

thank you so much, it's really heart warming to hear such nice comments!!!

2021-02-18 13:59:02

Hi, thanks for your comment. I chose to put the couch in-front of the door because if i put it against 3 walls didn't look nice. I like your design but i don't see any Chinese style in it.

2021-02-18 14:07:25

Спасибо за комментарий. Хороший у вас интерьер.... в современной обработке!))) Мне нравятся обе зоны-простор, чёткость, ясность. Особое внимание заслуживает телевизионная зона с панелями..)))симпатичная полка в китайском стиле.. одно только пожелание--- я бы белый цвет ковра заменила или убрала-слишком резок для восприятия картины в целом. Остальное всё понравилось!))

2021-02-18 14:17:48
User 20244259

ok, thank you for comment. Look again and i'm sure you'll see some Chinese style! ;)

2021-02-18 14:17:57
User 20244259

Thank you Ольга

2021-02-18 14:19:33
User 20181456

2021-02-18 14:27:59
User 20244259

Thank you

2021-02-18 14:28:58

I love it its very modern also thank you for your comment:)

2021-02-18 15:03:48

Hi, thanks for your comment! It is a really modern contemporary Chinese room! I really like the modern furniture, the wall panels, and the colorful cushions. The curtains give the room a homey atmosphere. Great job!

2021-02-18 18:02:07
Milica G.

Hi! I love your Chinese New Year theme and space with a modern twist! You actually gave just a hint of Chinese decor items and the space is great mix of Chinese and modern style. I like the contrast os b&w print wall and how it merges with a white floor with a colorfull cushions that add balance to major whiteness.

2021-02-18 18:31:01
User 20244259

Thank you!

2021-02-19 00:36:06

Thanks for your commant your design is very very great i really like it.

2021-02-19 03:00:35
User 20244259

thank you.

2021-02-19 11:39:04
User 20553963

2021-02-19 14:52:06
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2021-02-19 15:53:05

Thanks for your comment and yeah your design is beautiful too, especially I liked how you made that panel with paintings. Good job mate :-)

2021-02-19 16:00:32
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2021-02-19 16:03:49

I like it!

2021-02-19 19:17:22
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks nice. I like the pillows.

2021-02-19 21:23:42
Rizki Agustin

thank you for your kind comments. beautiful design. I love that the pillow makes the room a cheerful place, the tree wallpaper and the paintings are so good it is the best way to start chinese new year. Good job.

2021-02-20 00:08:06
dynamic designer

you are a amazing designer

2021-02-20 15:12:42
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2021-02-20 19:11:48

Hi,thanks for your comment. I don't really like being so withe. However, the decoration on the self is great. The placement of the furniture is also good. I love different colored pillows, they are fantastic. :)

2021-02-21 09:10:21
User 20244259

thanks. what does withe mean? does it mean white???

2021-02-21 11:42:32

Hi. Yes, I wanted to write white.

2021-02-21 12:25:11
User 20244259

ok, i made it white because i was going with the modern luxury kind of vibes and so i researched it and most of them are very white so i decided to add abit of colour to make it more interesting.

2021-02-21 12:50:14
Madeline Cyfko

its nice but it doesnt do the theme enough

2021-02-21 16:13:13
User 20244259

ok thanks

2021-02-21 20:02:29
Hall Pat

Muy interesante, me gusta lo colorido que son los detalles creo que da vida al proyecto :D

2021-02-21 21:46:01

Not a fan.

2021-03-12 16:48:37
User 20244259

ok, that's fine

2021-03-13 20:52:32