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Does your home office need a makeover? Here is how to spruce up your space and make working from home more enjoyable.

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When you work from home, your office becomes an extension of your personality. Unlike the office, it can be tough to focus on your work when surrounded by distractions at home. That's why it's essential to create comfortable and functional office space so you can be productive and efficient. In this post, we discuss some home office design ideas that will help you create the perfect workspace.

Working from home is about comfort, almost as much as it is about productivity. Whether you've been working from home for years or are entirely new to this trend, having a fabulous home office space will change your life. You don't need a lot of room to create a dedicated workspace, and we have many small home office ideas to inspire you.

What to consider when setting up your home office space

If you're not sure where to start, take a look around you. Do you already have a designated office space, or do you need to create one? If you're lucky enough to have a spare room, set your home office there. If not, find a space you can utilize as a makeshift office or at least add a home office desk.

Do you have a table taking up space in the corner of a room? Is there an empty wall that's longing for some excitement? Are there any counters or surfaces in your home that you can use as a desk? You can even transform your closet into a workspace with enough imagination.

Now it's an excellent time to declutter and get rid of things taking up space. Recycle, donate or sell items that no longer serve you and digitize any paperwork taking up unnecessary space. Here is what you should keep in mind while designing your home office space.

Create a designated workspace

Separating your workspace from your personal space can be challenging, but it's something you need to consider. Having a dedicated space for work that is separate from where you relax can break up the monotony of your workday and create a feeling of being in different places. This is especially important when you want to create boundaries between work and play.

Decide on a style for your office

Before you set out to design your work area at home, you should make sure it matches the rest of your home's decor. Creating a work area that blends with the rest of your home's style will ensure that the design is cohesive and seamless.

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Consider the design style you currently have in your home. Do you want your home office space to be modern and sleek or warm and cozy? Once you've decided on your office's overall look and feel, you can begin to choose furniture and decor that fits that style.

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For example, if you want a modern home office design, you might select clean-lined furniture and minimal decor. If you prefer a cozier space, you might add comfortable throw blankets and pillows to your office chair. Or, might opt to add a library or a fireplace to add inspiration and boost creativity.

Add home office storage options

Another important consideration for home office design is storage. You'll need somewhere to store all of your office supplies, so be sure to include plenty of cabinets, shelves and drawers in your design. An excellent way to maximize storage is to choose furniture with built-in storage, like a desk with drawers or a bookshelf with cabinets.

Maximize all the space you can. If your desk doesn't have drawers, get organized with accessories. Jars can be a great way to store pens, while a pinboard can help keep important notes and papers in your eyesight, so nothing gets missed.

You can also add storage boxes that can be placed on the shelf or a filing cabinet. That way, you can move all the papers, books and other items out of sight and take them out when needed. Filing cabinets are especially great as many come with a locking mechanism so you can lock up any important files.

Don't forget about lighting

Lighting is also an essential aspect of your home office. You'll want to make sure you have plenty of light for task-based work, but you might want to add softer lighting for a more relaxing atmosphere. Natural light is always best, so if your office has windows, be sure to take advantage of them. If not, you can add some desk lamps or floor lamps to brighten the space.

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Another great idea for illuminating your home desk is to mount a strip of LED lights around your computer screen or on the bookshelves. This option can also act as accent lighting for the whole room.

Stay comfortable

Finally, don't forget about comfort. Choose an office chair that provides adequate support for your back. Avoid screen glare and eye strain by setting up your home office in a well-lit area, but avoid direct light shining into your eyes. Install a light-colored shade or blinds if you have a window that faces the sun for most of the day.

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If you have to spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, consider a stand-up desk that you can adjust during the day. An adjustable desk allows you to stand up when needed or add a workout ball that you can rest your knee on when working. This allows you to reduce repetitive motions that might cause prolonged injury.  

Your home office should be a space where you enjoy spending time, so add some personal touches that make it feel like your own. Add some family photos, plants, or artwork to the walls. And if you have pets, be sure to create a comfortable spot for them in your office as well.

Home office ideas for small spaces

Creating a workspace at home doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. Even if your home isn't designed with an office in mind, you can still make it work. Here are several tips and ideas for creating a home office space in small places.

Maximize your small space

Even if you can't make your office space physically larger, there are several ways to make it appear bigger. Declutter your work area and get rid of anything not related to work. Utilize vertical surfaces for storage and organization. You can also add mirrors to add depth to create a bright home office. Just make sure not to get distracted by them.

Shared office solutions

Working from home can be challenging, but sharing your home office space with another person can be even more so. This situation can be especially tricky if you don't have enough room for two offices.

The easiest way to avoid distractions is to organize your workspace either side by side or facing away from each other. If that's not possible, consider placing a divider between you and your office companion. This will help to eliminate distractions and add a bit of privacy.

Office space when there is no space

When it comes to creating an office space at home, you don't have to be a professional interior designer. Sometimes all you need is a bit of imagination. You probably only need a makeshift surface big enough for a desk space to hold your laptop and a chair. Again, look for what you already have and consider how to repurpose it.

Is there a windowsill you can convert into a workspace? If your closet has adjustable shelves consider using them as a temporary workstation. Another great option is a wall-mounted desk that folds away when not in use. It can be installed in underutilized areas like hallways and then tucked away when not in use.

Different office design styles to consider

If you want to get fancier with your home office, select a style that suits your taste and the rest of your home. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Modern home office design

For a modern, no-nonsense home office layout, storage is essential. Make use of neat, segmented drawers and shelves to keep everything tidy. A few signature minimalist pieces with clean lines create a decluttered look. To create a modern home office design, experiment with a monochrome color scheme, and stainless steel and glass materials for a stylish, contemporary vibe.

modern home office design
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Luxurious office

If you want to create an office fit for a king or queen, choose traditional style or antique furniture with added details. An ornamental light fixture creates a focal point and can keep you inspired. Find a few stunning vintage pieces to create a classy, refined atmosphere. The secret is not going over the top, so stick with a few classic pieces.

Ideas for designing your ideal home office

Academic office

Maybe you're looking for that old-fashioned library vibe. Dark wooden furniture, like a mahogany desk, mixed with a vintage reading lamp is a great way to create that old-world charm. Add a bookcase or build a mini library across the wall if you have space. You could even put a comfortable chair in the corner of the room and use it as a reading nook.

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Creative office

A home office doesn't have to be boring. Whether you're a writer, an artist, a musician or anyone with a creative vibe, it's time to make an office that reflects you. Your office should be a reflection of you. Use a whiteboard or a blackboard to keep track of your ideas and sparks of genius. Include color-coded files and handmade labels. Surround yourself with exciting artwork and consider creating a mood board that inspires you.

Rustic office

To avoid feeling stuck inside, make your home office feel like you're in the countryside while you work. Maximize the light and choose a space that benefits from natural light if possible. Natural materials like wood and cotton can make you feel closer to nature. Finally, decorate with plants. They purify the air in your room and add cheer to your home.

rustic home office
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Creating a workspace in your home can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Working from can be enjoyable and productive. All you need is some creativity. We hope these tips have provided useful ideas and inspiration for you to be creative when setting up your home office.

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