8 Inspiring Interior Designers on YouTube to Follow

Get inspired by these YouTube interior design channels. Be warned, this can get addictive!

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There are many great places to find design inspiration, whether you're in the midst of a project or simply want to know what's new in interior design. While there are many fantastic home improvement and design shows on Netflix, there is a whole new world of inspiration on YouTube.

There is something for everyone here, whether you're in the middle of a home reno or are looking for what's new in furniture, colors, styles, and trends. YouTube is home to many channels that explain design basics in simple terms, cover recent trends and offer tips and tricks for decorating your home. In this post, we share some of our favorites.

Alexandra Gater

Alexandra Gater is a Canadian editor, stylist and home decor expert from Toronto. She’s passionate about showing people that it’s possible to live in a home that is both stylish and beautiful. Her videos offer renter-friendly DIY hacks and solutions that you can use to create cozy, stylish and inviting homes without spending a ton of money.

In each episode, you can follow Alexandra’s process as she meets with her clients and creates designs based on their needs. She takes you through the steps of where she gets the materials, decor and furniture and how it all comes together for the final reveal. She does a lot of small apartment projects that users can easily replicate at home.

Daniel Titchener

Daniel is a British architect living in Vancouver, Canada. He is passionate about design and wellness and sharing his knowledge with others. His videos cover topics such as minimalist apartments, architecture, interior and advice on items to splurge on or avoid and home hacks.

Many of Daniel’s video feature redesign projects for different people, ranging from a small studio apartment in Budapest and a tiny NYC apartment to Japandi-inspired London home refurbishment.

DIY with KB

Kiva Brent is a former scientist turned interior stylist from the US. Her videos help others create luxurious interiors for less. Kiva covers topics like how to make your house look more sophisticated, best buys on a budget and different DIY hacks that can add that sophisticated and luxurious feel to your home.

Kiva also shares her advice on the trends to avoid, what to splurge on and things that can make your house feel dated. Her tips are practical, affordable and accessible, as it’s all about spending less to achieve more.

Kristen McGowan

Kristen McGowan is a US-based interior design expert who shares tips and advice about home design, decor, DIY projects, and overall home improvements. She often shares lifestyle tips and hacks, including tips on how to find great products at your favorite stores.

Kristen also shares home makeover projects to inspire your own decorating ideas. She also often takes views on shopping sprees and shares which items to buy and which ones to pass on.

Nick Lewis

Nick shares information about different design styles, what works and what needs to go, including design secrets some industry insiders don’t want you to know. Based in Canada, he offers tips on how to style or renovate your home and how to create beautiful spaces that you'll love to live in.

His videos are always entertaining and offer great insights, even if you’re not an expert on interior design. Nick’s tips and advice are easy to follow and implement in your home.

Posh Pennies

Vivien’s channel is about fun home decor ideas, trends, and tips for decorating your home on a budget. She has a playful approach to interior design and shares how to stay on top of trends with helpful do’s and dont’s that make understanding design easy and fun.

Vivien is based in Canada and shares a lot of stylish and budget-friendly tips for decorating your home and is all about simplifying design, so it feels accessible to everyone. She also covers the different design styles and how to incorporate them into your home.

Reynard Lowell

Reynard is an Australian-based design enthusiast who loves to share decorating tips and ideas that you can easily do in your own home. He covers apartment makeovers, color palettes, and how to buy furniture and set up the proper lighting.

He also covers what mistakes to avoid when decorating, storage and organizational tips for your home and DIY ideas and hacks. Reynard also shares his own home projects, including the before and after, so you can see how he has changed and improved the space so that you can incorporate those ideas into your home project.

The Paint People

The Paint People is your go-to for everything painting and decorating, with the goal of making both accessible to everyone. James teaches you all about paint colors, hot new hues, color palettes and how to incorporate specific shades into your home.

Here you’ll find information on the best colors for every room in your house, your home’s exterior and what trends go with which colors. Intended for both beginners and pros, the videos are engaging, and the tips are actionable and easy to implement in your decor. Based in Canada, the channel features paint brands you can find in your local Home Depot or paint center.

Bonus: Planner 5D

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Whether you prefer to learn through interior design online classes, by flipping through a magazine, listening to a podcast or watching it on the screen, there are many places to find inspiration. We hope this post has introduced you to some new YouTube channels that you might not have been familiar with.

If you want to learn more about interior design and try your hand at creating different looks for your home, join our Interior Design School and learn all the basics you need for your next renovation project. Who knows? You might even discover a new career path for yourself.

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