5 Designer Sofas We Adore

Discover five of our favorite designer sofas. From Mario Bellini to Raw Color, some of the world's leading design studios are behind these beautiful designs.

colorful round designer sofas in modern sancal living room
Loop sofas and ottomans, Raw Color design | Image courtesy of Sancal

Undoubtedly, the sofa stands out as the true centerpiece of the living room in any home. For aficionados of design and decoration, selecting the perfect sofa ranks among the most crucial decisions when outfitting a house or apartment.

Within the realm of design, ranging from timeless classics to fresh offerings from beloved brands, we've curated a collection of five designer sofas that captivate our admiration. Whether exuding elegance and sophistication or radiating with playful, vibrant hues, each of these exceptional sofas can make a marvelous addition to your interiors.

Free System by Acerbis Design

Italian designer Claudio Salocchi created this modular sofa in the early 70s. The goal was to transform the entire living room into a relaxation area where one could sit, recline, or lie down in any corner. The Free System design consists of three modular pieces — a seat, a backrest, and a low mattress for the floor — that can be configured in endless ways, covering part or the entire room's floor.

living room with modular sofa, modern white Acerbis designer sofa
Free System sofa, design by Claudio Salocchi | Image courtesy of Acerbis

During the 60s and 70s, Italian designers like Salocchi revolutionized interior design with creations like the Free System sofa. However, this modular sofa is more relevant today than ever, hence its new release with Acerbis. The versatility of the design makes it perfect for today's changing homes, which need to adapt to our hectic lifestyles.

Loop by Sancal

The Loop sofa is perhaps one of this list's most interesting design offerings. The design — by the Dutch studio RAW Color for the Spanish firm Sancal — may look more like a modern sculpture than a typical sofa. Combined with its vibrant colors and soft finishes, the rounded silhouette of this sofa makes it an enormously fun and irreverent piece, capable of bringing freshness to any interior.

rustic living room with designer sofas by sancal
Loop sofa and ottoman, RAW Color design | Image courtesy of Sancal

The design comprises two rolled tubular forms that create the backrest and seat. And since curved and rounded silhouettes are one of the current decor trends, there are not many design sofas more up-to-date than this one from Sancal.

Le Mura by Tacchini

Mario Bellini, an Italian architect and designer, is one of the industry's biggest names. The Le Mura sofa, designed in 1972, is one of his most celebrated pieces. The walls and structures of antiquity inspired its design but it remains incredibly contemporary. In 2022, Tacchini brought back this design for its 50th anniversary, making it one of the flagship pieces in its catalog.

The modular Le Mura design allows it to fit into any interior design project, regardless of the available space. Additionally, the sofa is available in many colors and finishes, offering different aesthetic options to its rounded forms.

Edra's Standalto

Edra is one of the most recognizable design brands in the world. Some of its products are like true works of art. They combine cutting-edge materials with groundbreaking silhouettes and completely surprising concepts. The well-known Boa sofa, for example, is a nest created from a long tubular cushion that wraps around itself. On the other hand, the Pack sofa is like a giant teddy bear you can recline on. However, when it comes to functionality, the Standalto sofa (designed by Francesco Binfaré) is perhaps one of our favorites.

modern living room with blue designer sofa by edra
Standalto sofa , design by Francesco Binfaré | Image courtesy of Edra

The sofa is made up of soft and plush cushions, with a backrest and armrests that can be molded to personal preference. The softness of the design undoubtedly makes it comfortable, adjustable and 100% unique.

Metro² by Living Divani

In some interiors, a sofa that embodies simplicity, elegance, and a minimalist design is essential. Piero Lissoni's Metro² sofa for Living Divani perfectly encapsulates these qualities, making it an ideal choice for more subdued living spaces.

modern living room with white designer leather sofa and armchairs
Metro² sofa, design by Piero Lisoni | Image courtesy of Living Divani

Initially designed in 1999 but refined over the years, this sofa comes in many finishes, spanning fabrics, leathers, and even metallic coatings available in various colors. Regardless of the choice, it's an impeccable sofa suited for a minimalist-style living room.

Find the perfect sofa design

Factors like size, color, and material durability are essential when choosing the most suitable sofa for your lifestyle. However, beyond these practical aspects, your personal taste should be the guiding influence in the decision-making process. Elements like the design's originality, style, or even your affinity for specific designers play a role. They can nudge towards a unique design that resonates with you. That's why it's crucial to explore and compare different designs. You may stumble upon a new sofa that perfectly complements your home.

In general, designer sofas are highly coveted, serving as authentic works of art. If you're contemplating adding one to your home, prioritize selecting a piece that feels entirely yours. Like choosing a painting or sculpture, aim for a sofa that elicits emotions and speaks to your sensibilities.

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