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Sarah K.

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Sarah K.

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2020-06-15 08:59:25
Surya Ganesh

INVITATION MESSAGE : Surya Ganesh invites you to his project.. " GIRL'S BEDROOM ". Surya Ganesh is likely to send the comment on your project when He gets up the comment in the chat box..In the day of voting Surya Ganesh guaranties that He will vote for everyone who comment of his chat and votes him the best.. Any words to speak to me : You can find me on page number : 1 or follow up this link..THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE.. If you really like my project..Don't forget to Vote..

2020-06-15 11:08:34
Surya Ganesh

Hello Sarah, I am in love with your project..I really like it..IT would be more beautiful If you have added some light colored wallpapers to the wall from inside..HOPE YOU LIKE MY SUGGESTION.. Any words to speak to me : You can find me on page number : 1 or follow up this link..THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE.. If you really like my project..Don't forget to Vote..

2020-06-15 11:21:00
Sarah K.

Hi, Thank you for your suggestion, I would have done it, but on the they clearly said, leave the walls white...

2020-06-15 12:04:47
Sarah K.

This is what they wrote... Design the bedroom for a girl with a sleeping area, studying area and a space for books and toys storing. The colour of the walls should remain white.

2020-06-15 12:21:27
~Tubbo x Tommy~


2020-06-15 13:28:31
Sarah K.

I know!!!

2020-06-15 13:29:24
Alejandra Visscher

Wow i love the colours! plis see my work and vote for me if you like it!

2020-06-15 14:21:21

email me at if you ever want to chat.your design is awesome

2020-06-15 15:03:59

wow! i love it! its really good and all the colours match i would love to have such a bedroom! im definitely voting for u pls vote 4 me

2020-06-15 15:51:07
Sarah K.

I am going to vote for all of you , please vote for me!

2020-06-16 04:46:12

Hi =). I like your project's layout. But the wall is a little bit empty. Just a suggestion, maybe can add in photo frame or shelf. Overall I like yours and I'll vote for you.

2020-06-16 04:49:24

I think your project is very nice, and I like the colors, also could you please check out mine, comment, and vote if you like it.

2020-06-16 19:20:56
Mark Cyfko

Your girls room is amazing! Keep it up! I will vote for you please vote for me!

2020-06-16 20:59:25
Sarah K.

Your projects r Amazing, I will vote 4 u, please vote 4 me!!!

2020-06-17 08:40:40

how to vote?

2020-06-17 10:12:06
Sarah K.

You have to wait 5 days to vote, then after 5 days, you press the like button to vote, get it?

2020-06-17 10:15:42

yes i like your project

2020-06-17 10:25:39
Sarah K.


2020-06-17 10:29:45

yey i only have to wait for 24 hours

2020-06-17 10:33:50
Sarah K.


2020-06-17 10:35:08

i mean i dont like it i......................................

2020-06-17 10:35:40

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2020-06-17 10:35:53
Sarah K.

Thank you very much I really appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2020-06-17 10:37:07
Lil Vysotsky

Hi! I love your project so much. you have well-chosen colors and layout of zones. I guarantee that I will vote for you if you vote for me. Here is a link to my project I'm new here and I'm hoping for your help besides I'm only 10 years old and I've made the nursery the way I want it to be.

2020-06-17 13:57:38
Jose Castillo

Sarah Schulz Kalil i hate you. I can say whatever i want , and u can't do anything about it ok?

2020-06-17 15:13:29

i will vote for you vote for me everyone

2020-06-17 15:47:19
Sarah K.

I will vote for you

2020-06-17 15:48:21

Hi i love your room! i am Going to v for you!!!!

2020-06-17 16:21:37


2020-06-17 16:21:46
Sarah K.

Me 2 thanks

2020-06-17 16:22:25
Hall Pat

Hay un pequeño error en cómo están acomodadas las cortinas, pero eso se puede solucionar, me gusta que es espaciosa y tiene lo que se necesita . Votaré por ti. :)

2020-06-17 17:27:12
Sarah K.

Thank you!

2020-06-18 07:18:02

im gonna vote now! but where?

2020-06-18 08:10:42
Sarah K.

what page r u on Darkunicorn?

2020-06-18 09:07:54

Hi Sarah! this is great I will definitely vote for you

2020-06-18 09:57:29

hey and castallio leave my best friend alone if you don't have thing good to say then don't say it

2020-06-18 09:58:42
Sarah K.

Thanks Manasi!

2020-06-18 10:08:17
Interior Designsss

Nice and spacious! I love the color of the light pink chair, and the colors of the tent go very well together!

2020-06-18 13:48:01

nice room .plz vote for me

2020-06-18 13:49:26
Sarah K.

Thank you

2020-06-18 13:52:25

I liked the way where you followed the instructions and kept the walls white! lol

2020-06-18 16:20:02

I have given my vote. Your bedroo is very good. Now please give me your vote

2020-06-19 00:13:19
Interior Designsss

I voted for you! Please vote for me! Thank you!

2020-06-19 00:44:07
Sarah K.

I will vote 4 u

2020-06-19 07:33:42
Rafaela Kalil

I voted 4 u

2020-06-19 07:39:37

done pls vote for me

2020-06-19 08:29:20
Sarah K.

I will thank you!

2020-06-19 08:55:14
Sarah K.

Anyone who votes for me will also get a vote!!!

2020-06-19 09:06:17

Voted for you

2020-06-19 10:53:08

i voted 4 u pls vote 4 me

2020-06-19 11:06:40

Voted for ur room

2020-06-19 11:19:50
Hall Pat

Bien echo! Vote por ti! :) Por favor vota por mi.

2020-06-19 13:17:46

It is good i like it

2020-06-19 15:25:49

i voted for you

2020-06-19 15:37:30

Hi, I just voted for you. Thanks for defending Surya Ganesh. Your project is amazing. Just WOW! MIND BLOWING. I love your choce of color and you chose a great layout. ALso the texture on the bed was amazing. Great job. Please vote for me! Here is my link to my project And here is my link to my render

2020-06-20 14:44:15
Sarah K.

Ok thank you

2020-06-21 04:30:35
Eren Yılmaz

Nice room. I wish you continued success. I voted for you

2020-06-21 14:24:27
Sarah K.

Thank you very much!

2020-06-21 14:51:07
Sarah K.

Pls vote 4 me i will vote 4 your project and share it to other people so they can vote for you!!!

2020-06-21 15:26:51