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I'm 11 years old, born September, 2008 in Scranton PA, I live in Pittsburgh, PA, I love to hang out with my friends, I love Basketball (sports in general), shopping, Cosmetology, Interior Designing, I hate School, and Learning in General, I love Road Trips and hanging out with my parents and three brothers (Yes I am a only girl, TORTURE!)
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This is a children's room. the color scheme is purple white a pink, but not in a overly bold way, in the front of the room is a twin bed and on either side is a nightstand, to the left is a desk with a chair with a plant on top, on the floor is a rug. parallel to the bed is bookshelves flanked by two dressers and on top of them are plants.
this is a kitchen with dark tones mainly black, if you vote for me i promise i will vote for you!