Svetainė ir valgomasis

Suprojektuokite svetainės kambarį su valgomuoju. Interjero stilius - modernus, spalvos - balta, ruda, juoda.

Rizki Agustin

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Hello I like your design! I am on page 3! If you have time come see mine! Stay safe and have a great holiday coming up! I also have a few renders on page If you want to see them! Thanks Wild Doggy!

2020-12-02 16:57:24
Hall Pat

Muy lindo manejo de los colores, me gusta mucho la sala :)

2020-12-02 18:15:04
User 7846194

2020-12-02 18:24:02
User 12006058

2020-12-02 22:44:49
Paris dreamer

Allo! I love your colour palette. I like all the paintings and decor! I actually like the brown and black together, even though it's weird, but it's pretty cool! Voted! Please check mine out on page 42 or 43, it keeps on changing. Thank you!

2020-12-03 00:50:51
User 12006058

2020-12-04 00:10:22
Hall Pat

Votado :)

2020-12-04 04:15:27


2020-12-04 09:09:42

Hi! Thank you! Very nice. I like it and I voted.

2020-12-04 10:00:09
Milica G.

Great project! I'm voting, good luck!

2020-12-04 10:03:34

Hi, I love the colors, and the fireplace surrounded with shelves looks very good. The decor is great too, and I especially liked the striped pillows on the couch. I voted.

2020-12-04 12:54:10
Skylar Sipp

i saw your comment and thank you very much for voting i voted for you

2020-12-04 14:21:54
Isaac Schultze


2020-12-04 16:01:08

thanks for the vote ! voted too :)

2020-12-04 16:37:03
Born to be Wild

voted !

2020-12-04 16:41:28
Cute Doggy

Hello! I have voted! Could you vote me on page 1?

2020-12-04 18:38:44
Cute Doggy

I meant 4....sorry

2020-12-04 18:38:51

VOTED!! I am on page 3! Happy Holidays! :)

2020-12-04 22:06:30
Somono Alpha

Voted ! And tnx for your vote

2020-12-05 17:41:50
Elena Z


2020-12-06 12:39:34
Alpha Blaze

voted im on page 10

2020-12-06 13:06:16

Hi Rizki! Thanks for your vote! I will vote for you!

2020-12-06 21:37:11