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Suprojektuokite svetainės kambarį su daug vietos knygoms bei vieta jas skaityti.

Rizki Agustin

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Hiii nice project!! I really liked the colors and the way you organized the shelves, it looks wonderful!!! check mine if interested in page 24

2020-11-03 12:28:17
Hall Pat

Que colorido! Bien echo

2020-11-03 16:31:42

Good work :) You can check mine on pg.7 !!!

2020-11-05 12:18:21
Dragon girl

Cool! Please check mine out on page 11 if you'd like!

2020-11-05 14:22:48
Hall Pat

Votado :)

2020-11-06 02:20:41

Voted :)

2020-11-06 07:20:08
Born to be Wild


2020-11-06 07:21:17

Hi! I like it and I voted.

2020-11-06 09:32:09

Hi, good colors, I like the seating in front of the window too! I voted

2020-11-06 12:13:53

VOTEDDDD! extremely appealing color scheme . its really perfect for reading. vote for me if u wish. thanks :)

2020-11-06 12:22:27
Milica G.

Lovely library, I love how you mixed shelve styles! Voted!

2020-11-06 12:54:31
Julio Medrano

Gracias por comentar el mío la semana pasada. No pude responder y votar a tiempo. Así que lo compenso hoy. Muy buen trabajo el de esta semana en diseño y decoración, tomaste tu tiempo en colocar las cosas. Tienes mi voto. Saludos.

2020-11-06 22:52:37

Voted for you

2020-11-07 10:24:58
Саша Ким

Voted for you

2020-11-07 11:04:39
User 12006058

2020-11-07 23:04:21

thanks for voting, I voted back!!

2020-11-08 04:02:51