Streamline Your Design Process with New Grouping Feature

Play with and organize items in any Planner 5D project by using the items grouping feature from the editor.

Sunny patio project created with Planner 5D
Create with Planner 5D | Project by Moonface

Designing and decorating your dream space is an exciting project. Creating detailed designs can get overwhelming, especially if you have to manipulate multiple elements and move them around. That's why we've introduced a handy new feature that enables you to group items together.

This new functionality brings simplicity and efficiency to the process so that you can achieve stunning results effortlessly. Move multiple elements simultaneously, keep everything consistent and save valuable time. Let's take a look.

What is item grouping?

Maintaining consistency is one of the key challenges in planning any interior design project online. Whether rearranging furniture, adjusting room layouts, or experimenting with different design elements, keeping everything aligned can be time-consuming. Items grouping addresses so you can say goodbye to adjusting each piece manually.

Our new grouping feature simplifies this process by letting you group multiple items and move them as one. You can effortlessly group items with a few simple clicks by selecting various design elements, such as furniture, decor, or architectural features. This convenient grouping functionality ensures that related items remain connected, making it easier to move, duplicate, or resize them simultaneously.

Imagine designing a living room with a symmetrical sofa setup. Instead of manually positioning each piece separately, the grouping feature enables you to select all the sofa components and move them as a unified group. This capability saves time and ensures that each element stays perfectly aligned. Whether you're a professional designer or a passionate homeowner, Planner 5D's grouping feature brings a new level of consistency to your design projects.

How to use item grouping

The item grouping feature lets you group elements together and move them as a single unit. This function can help you simplify editing and have more control over your design. Item grouping is currently available on the web version of Planner 5D and works in both 2D and 3D modes.

  • Open a project with multiple items.
  • Hold the “shift” key and select the items you want to include with your cursor.
  • All selected items now have a green outline.
  • Click on the grouping icon to group chosen items.
  • Easily move the group objects, rotate and copy.

In conclusion

The new grouping feature brings convenience, efficiency and control to home design and interior decorating. It also empowers professional designers and homeowners looking to visualize their dream space to create stunning designs while saving time and effort. Give Planner 5D's grouping feature a try, and unlock the full potential of your creativity today.

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