Introducing Scan Room, the latest feature from Planner 5D

Discover the Planner 5D's new tool, Scan Room, with makes redecorating any room a breeze.

Introducing Scan Room, the latest feature from Planner 5D

Meet the latest feature from Planner 5D that will take your interior design skills to a new level. Powered by Apple’s RoomPlan, Scan Room lets you scan any room in your house and convert it into a 3D floor pan. It captures the room’s dimensions, decor and architectural features creating an accurate scan of your room.

This powerful technology developed by Planner 5D (based on Apple's RoomPlan Swift API) uses the LiDAR scanner in the cameras of iPhones and iPads that run on iOS 16 to recognize the room’s dimensions and furniture, making room visualization easy and fast. You can now use Scan Room to create 3D floor plans and match and apply items and styles from our catalog.

How to use Scan Room on your iPhone

Open the Planner 5D app on your mobile, click on the 'scan room' option, and the software will identify the measurements and shapes of the room as you scan it. It will recognize walls, windows and doors as well as furniture and decor, then automatically create a 3D floor plan.

Once the floor plan is generated, you can easily redecorate the room and try different styles using the Smart Wizard. Try out different looks, furniture arrangements and color combinations till you find the perfect one. You can also do virtual walkthroughs of your projects as you design.

See Scan Room in action

Once again, Planner 5D seeks to make the process of decorating or redesigning a home easier, and Scan Room is the perfect tool for this. Try out for yourself in our iOS app, available in the app store - you must have iOS 16 to use it. Head over to Planner 5D and try your hand at designing the perfect room.  

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