Introducing Planner 5D Designer Pro

Are you a professional designer? Become a Planner 5D Pro

Introducing Planner 5D Designer Pro

Planner 5D is an interior design platform created for people who want to make their homes more comfortable, functional and stylish. Many of our users go on to launch their interior design careers and help others design their dream homes. To help our pro designers start their businesses, we have created an all-in-one solution - Planner 5D Pro.

"We used to talk about Planner 5D as a home improvement tool and platform for amateur designers and DIYers," said Alexey Sheremetyev, chief product officer and co-founder. "But as Planner 5D has evolved and acquired all the necessary functions for professionals, it has been successfully used by thousands of pro designers. It's time to make it official. Pros, you're welcome!"

What is Planner 5D Pro?

One of the biggest challenges for any designer is keeping their projects organized. Planner 5D Pro simplifies that process and makes it easier for homeowners looking to hire a designer to find you. Create a branded profile on our site, build a portfolio and let clients reach out to you directly.

Become a Pro Designer

You can manage all your projects on our platform and use our intuitive software to create professional designs in minutes. Our innovative technology lets you bring your client's visions to life with many useful built-in features that make interior decorating a breeze.

Access to all pro features

Create floor plans with our auto recognition feature and convert your 2D floor plans into realistic 3D renderings to help your clients visualize what their homes can look like. Change layouts, styles and finishings easily as you work with your client's ideas and needs.  

Generate accurate 3D floor plans by capturing the layout of any room with our Scan Room feature (currently available on iOS) and use the Smart Wizard feature to automatically generate room layouts and furniture arrangements and styles based on user-defined criteria.

Additional features coming soon

As we expand our Pro service, you'll have access to more features, including 4K renders, virtual walkthroughs with your clients and the ability to create custom mood boards. You'll also have access to a built-in customer relationship management system, project management tools and direct chat with clients.

Additionally, we will feature your branded profile in our designer directory, letting new clients find you easily.

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