Garden Furniture for Perfect Outdoor Living

Breathe new life into your garden or patio this year. Check out these designer garden furniture to inspire your outdoor living in 2023.

Garden furniture for a perfect outdoor
Image courtesy of Cane-line

As summer approaches, it's time to prepare our gardens and patios to make the most of the warm weather. Any small outdoor space can become your relaxation spot for this summer. And while a large pool or a spacious garden full of trees might seem like a good idea, they're not always necessary for creating the perfect outdoor oasis. You just need to choose the right outdoor furniture.

The perfect outdoor furniture will help you create cozy spaces to relax and enjoy the fresh air. In this post, we've put together an inspiring selection of garden furniture to inspire your next garden project. Discover the latest proposals from the most desirable outdoor furniture brands: from plush sofas and outdoor beds to loungers or armchairs (and, of course, the perfect garden table for all those summer meals and dinners).

The perfect garden table

Having an outdoor dining area for all those summer gatherings with family and friends is undoubtedly the best way to bring any outdoor space to life. If you're in search of the perfect garden table and plan to have guests over this summer, we recommend opting for spacious and versatile models where you can seat your guests regardless of the number of diners: be it six, eight, or ten people comfortably. Because, as they say, the more, the merrier!

When it comes to materials, teak is the ideal wood for the most sophisticated garden furniture (in addition to being one of the current trends), but the options are endless—metal, glass and ceramics, to name a few. We encourage you to explore different materials to discover what fits your space and lifestyle best.

Our recommendations include designs from brands such as the Danish Cane-line or others like Talenti or Tribù (all seen at the Salone del Mobile in Milan) and more accessible alternatives like those from Kave Home or Ikea.

Outdoor loungers and chaise

There's nothing like lying in the sun after a swim in the pool or reading comfortably on a shaded sun lounger. That's why outdoor sun loungers or a lovely chaise are a must-have addition to make the most of the daytime hours in any patio or garden. Of course, don't forget the sunscreen!

Brands like Bullfrog Design create designs that incorporate softness and plush textures that invite rest and relaxation. And we see increasingly more soft indoor fabrics adapted for the outdoors in materials resistant to water, sun or stains.

An outdoor sofa for your summer naps

Whether it's a small, formal setting or a spacious and relaxed spread, brands like Bullfrog, Talenti or Cane-line show us that having a sofa in the garden is an ideal way to bring the indoors outside. A garden sofa is perfect for relaxing during the afternoon. It allows you to extend your summer evenings to relax after dinner and rest on the sofa with your guests). Just make sure it's shaded and protected from the summer breezes.

As we said, the soft, fluffy fabrics we associate with indoors are interpreted with renewed resilience - perfect for the garden. Thus, outdoor sofas can take all kinds of shapes or materials. Still, they will always have soft cushions to guarantee comfort. The outdoor sofa is the must-have item among your garden furniture.

Ideal armchairs and coffee tables

As we place a sofa in the garden, why not incorporate a coffee table or armchairs? Thus, the patios and gardens of our homes will become a second living room for the summer period. The combination of wood and terracotta by Calma is, without a doubt, some of our favorites.

A canopy bed for the garden

The idea of an outdoor bed has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Synonymous with carefree living, summer and good weather, these garden beds invite you to relax and - quite simply - watch life go by.

With or without a canopy, round, or square, these beds may look more or less like their indoor counterparts, but (unless you want to spend the night in the garden) their functions are different. So, like sun loungers, these outdoor beds are the perfect addition to your garden to create a relaxing atmosphere or reading nook.

When it comes to eliciting comfort, Talenti's designs are unparalleled. But multiple other garden furniture firms have already presented their designs for this season, including the already mentioned Bullfrog or Cane-line.

Sun umbrellas

Finding ways to protect yourself from the sun is one of the priorities when designing a garden for enjoyment. The shade of a pergola or a large tree is the most practical solution. However, just as the sun changes position during the day, bringing shade to any point in the garden is essential.

An adjustable sum umbrella, such as Calma's creative "Om Wood" design - which unfolds around its pole - will allow you to bring shade to any spot in your yard or garden.

Your garden furniture with Planner 5D

In conclusion, choosing the right garden furniture for each outdoor area allows you to create comfortable spaces inviting relaxation and enjoyment. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the pieces you choose fit in your space and complement your overall look and feel. With Planner 5D, you can design your exteriors (and interiors) with total freedom and visualize them in 2D and 3D.

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