Design of the Week: Modern Paris Flat in Minimalistic Nordic Design

This week's design chosen by our designer is a modern, minimalistic Nordic-style flat in Paris.

Design of the Week: Modern Paris Flat in Minimalistic Nordic Design
Design of the Week: Ana G on Planner 5D

At Planner 5D, we love how creative our users are, and we love to show off their design in our Design of the Week feature. This week's design chosen by our designer is a modern, minimalistic Nordic-style flat in Paris. This creative design blend creativity with function to create a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

This project, created by Ana G with Planner 5D, is a great example of different style concepts that, when applied, create a dynamic combination. There are a few reasons why mixing and matching these different interior design styles: modern, minimal, nordic and Parisian is so fascinating.

These different interior styles are meant to complement each other. This is achieved using different geometric furniture shapes, textures and materials to make this unique Parisian style more attractive and fascinating.

The appealing combination of the design

What is most attractive about this design is that it includes three different styles making it look unique and fascinating. Minimalism is expressed through a soft range of colors, and large uncluttered spaces play with modernism, expressed through uniquely cut and bent geometric furniture shapes, contrasting colors, space arches and patterns.

Metallic materials such as gold-colored accessories and marble stone add a touch of luxury to all spaces. At the same time, the Scandinavian coziness is expressed through wooden furniture, natural fabric curtains, carpets and more.

Modern minimalistic Nordic Paris flat

Now let’s look at the Paris flat decorated in a modern, minimalistic Nordic project designed by Ana G with Planner 5D. This project is an excellent example of an apartment that reflects this unique style.

The user created a flat with many minimal, modern and Scandinavian elements, keeping colors both minimalistic warm and contras. She used patterns and shapes that were dynamic and calm and materials that are both cozy and luxurious.

We can see a variety of geometric shapes in furniture, arched wall niches, carpet patterns and paintings. These shapes give an illusion of movement and flow while creating a dynamic interior that mimics life's unique action.

Minimal and contrasting colors

The user perfectly uncovered the simplicity and cleanness to express the true beauty of the style. Minimalism has light (mostly white tones), clean spaces and warm colors. It sets the tone with the white walls, ceilings, sofas, curtains, etc. The contrast that gives the interior a unique charm is perfectly expressed through the pairing of black and white colors we see in carpets, paintings, pillow patterns and coffee tables.

Creating luxury and coziness through lighting and accessories

Warm lighting is essential for creating luxurious and cozy designs. We see this used in the kitchen, living room and dining areas. The feeling of luxury is amplified by the solid shapes, designs and gold-colored metallic light fixtures, marble stone countertops in the kitchen, stone furniture, natural fabric curtains and carpets. The coziness or Nordic atmosphere is expressed through wooden furniture elements, wooden floor, textures of pillows, the fabric of curtains, rugs, sofas and armchairs.

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