Design of the Week: Modern Industrial Design Style

This week we feature a modern interior design project.

Rendering of an industrial-style living room with a piano and green fern
Planner 5D Design of the Week by Louise Deronne

Our pick for this week's "Design of the Week" is a modern industrial design project selected by one of our interior designers at Planner 5D. Created by Louise Deronne, it features a living room, kitchen and garage that will inspire your own design.

Today we are going to talk about modern industrial-style interiors. This style is reminiscent of old warehouses and is characterized by exposed brick and pipes, metal finishings and a utilitarian aesthetic. It's a look that doesn't go out of style and continues to be a popular choice for many.

Modern interior design style

The industrial style was never intended to be extravagant or showy. It resulted from contractors attempting a design that gave them the best bang for their buck while creating a functional space. We see this commonly done in loft conversions with exposed brick walls and concrete ceilings.

Living area in industrial design style Planner 5D
Living area in industrial design style Planner 5D 

Modern industrial interiors are open-concept, simple and functional interiors. They are complemented by sustainable, cost-effective and trendy decor that favors vintage and reclaimed materials.

Planner 5D industrial design project

Let's look at a modern industrial design-style house designed by one of our users.

Sustainable interior design style

The user created a modern industrial style using sustainable materials. We can see the exposed brick that is very typical of this style. The bricks can easily be updated with a fresh coat of paint or left as-is to highlight the sharp edges and age.

Industrial design project with Planner 5D
Industrial design project with Planner 5D

We also see a lot of other long-lasting materials such as metal and wood. Metal is used in the fireplace, window frames and light fixtures, while wood adds a feeling of warmth and coziness to this sharp and cold style. We see it used in kitchen counters, cabinets and stools. It's also used as a decorative and structural feature throughout the house. Industrial style isn't just pleasing to the eye; it's good for the environment.

Simple and minimal lines

The user perfectly combined simplicity and minimalism that represent the true beauty of the style. Industrial furniture has well-defined lines and clear expectations throughout the whole project, starting from the metallic frames of the windows and the black window panes.

industrial design kitchen
Modern industrial design kitchen

The simple, industrial light fixtures complement the arched windows that are both elegant and simple. Metallic accents carry through the legs of kitchen stools, the faucet and the light fixture. Even the simple kitchen metal door handles complete the look, highlighting the elements of the industrial style.

Modern and old characteristics

The designer uses industrial design to highlight the character of this house and brings attention to the wide-open spaces. The brick walls, large windows, the elegant piano and light fixtures are stylish and modern. Exposed brick walls and ceilings with metal accents tell a story of a different time. This home should be prized for revealing the industrial secrets rather than for how easily it can all be covered up with some drywall.

Design with Planner 5D

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