Design Generator: Let AI Create Design Ideas For Any Room In The House

Meet the future of interior design that will change how you approach home renovations.

Design Generator: Let AI Create Design Ideas For Any Room In The House
Meet the future of interior design

Need inspiration and design ideas but don’t know where to start? Meet the Design Generator, the AI tool that will transform how you plan and visualize your next renovation project. Our newest tool can help you experiment with different room ideas and create an inspirational gallery that you easily incorporate into your plans.

Instant visualization with Design Generator

Not sure what to do with your empty space? Let AI do the heavy thinking for you. With our Design Generator, you can get ideas for any room in your house with a few simple clicks. Upload a photo of your space, or take one with your phone, then select the room’s functionality - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office, living room or kids room - and wait for the results. You’ll get readings of six full-furnished options that you can save to your gallery and use for inspiration.

How can Design Generator help you?

Design Generator takes the guesswork out of planning your space. It can help you get an idea of the different layouts, configurations and designs for your room. You can play around with different ideas until you find one that works for you without having to hire an interior designer. It will save you time and money, especially in the early stages of planning a renovation project.

You can take pictures of empty spaces or furnished ones and see what AI can do with them. Upload images of your own spaces or ones that inspire you, and the Design Generator will show you what they can look like with different configurations. Best of all, you don’t have to wait for days to see the results - they are instant.

By offering you a set of different options, the Design Generator can help you make more informed decisions about your home’s design and how you use your space. You can also use it to get ideas for redesigning rooms in your home. Not sure what kind of desk you want in your office? Use Design Generator to help you see different options.

Where can I find the Design Generator?

Design Generator is now available in the Planner 5D iOS app. It combines the Stable Diffusion AI model and Planner 5D’s proprietary algorithms that create unique interior design renders based on the pictures of users within seconds.

You can use the designs created by the Design Generator to inspire your next project.

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