9 Best Places for Design Inspiration and Home Decor Ideas

Here are our picks for the best resources to help you find home decorating ideas for refreshing and redesigning your space or starting your next DIY project.

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Where to find design inspiration 

Decorating a new home or updating your existing space can be fun and exciting. Maybe you want to spruce up your current interior or are finally ready to tackle that overdue renovation project. Starting with good design inspiration will save you time and money, and make the experience more enjoyable.

Whether you're bursting with too many decorating ideas or are looking for brand-new inspiration, there are many inspiring places for you to explore. Here are our picks for the best resources to help you find home decorating ideas for refreshing and redesigning your space or starting your next DIY project.


Pinterest is an excellent place for finding home decorating ideas. It acts as a virtual board to save and organize your favorite things. When you find images you like, you can pin them to your board and then come back to them later. You can also create boards on different topics like home decor or kitchen renovation ideas. Need more ideas? Discover what's new and trending in furniture, fixtures, color palettes, flooring, curtains and more. You can search for specific ideas or detailed how-to instructions for home improvement and decorating projects.

Pinteret is a great source of desing inspiration
Pinterest | Fahim Reza / Unsplash

Pinterest has a wide range of pictures curated by other users. You can search for specific topics like "Hygge décor" or broader terms like "living room design" and "DIY furniture" and see what others have pinned. Bookmark your favorite decorating ideas, share them with your friends and get inspired. You can also follow other people and see what they've shared and pinned to their boards. We love sharing user design ideas on our Pinterest account with people like you!


Instagram is another great place for finding inspiring designs. Here you can find decorating ideas for home interiors, tips and tricks for organizing every space in your house and plenty of motivation to start your projects. Find that perfect color palette, get inspired by contemporary aesthetics, and discover modern takes on the classics. Instagram's combination of images and short videos is a great place to look for tips and ideas.

Find design inspiration on Instagram
Table decor | Mike Gattorna / Unsplash

Find your home design inspiration from professional and aspiring interior decorators, home enthusiasts and renovators. But don't stop there. Take inspiration from other content creators that aren't designers and let their creativity take you on a journey of discovery. Photographers, foodies, lifestyle gurus and travelers can easily inspire your next project with their images. We also love sharing our home improvement and design tips on Instagram, and we think you will enjoy them too!


Interior design magazines cover various design and home décor topics and provide great tips and inspiration. They cover the latest trends, profile talented interior designers, offer advice on where to buy featured items and showcase homes of famous people that are guaranteed to inspire you. When it comes to finding home decorating inspiration, magazines offer the ultimate source of ideas for every home project.

Design magazine flatlay
Design magazines | freestocks / Unsplash

Today, many magazines come in hard copy and digital formats, making them accessible worldwide. You can buy them at newsstands and grocery stores or borrow them from your local library. They are great for those that love the experience of having the magazine in their hands and those that prefer digital inspiration. We recommend getting a subscription to your favorite magazine to ensure you don't miss out on the latest trends.


Just like magazines, catalogs are a great source of decorating ideas. Companies like Ikea and Pottery Barn put out catalogs of products that make it easy to shop and get inspired. They make it easy to envision their products by showcasing complete rooms and spaces that you can easily incorporate into your own home. You can order any items that speak to you or go for the whole room setup.

wall art gallery
Wall art gallery | Jonny Caspari / Unsplash

Redecorating has never been easier. There are many free decorating catalogs out there that you can request to be delivered to your mailbox or opt for digital copies. Whichever option you choose, catalogs make home design easy and convenient.

Home improvement and design shows

Many home improvement and design shows take viewers on a journey, proving that anything is possible with a bit of imagination. There is a show for everyone from home makeovers, renovations and flipping houses to buying and selling real estate. You can find plenty of design inspiration for your project and get new ideas to transform your space.

Kitchen Renovation by iR immo RENOVATION
Kitchen renovation | immo RENOVATION / Unsplash

Home makeover shows are entertaining as they cover a project from start to finish. You can follow someone else's project and then compare the before and after. It's an excellent opportunity to see the process and understand all the elements of construction that go into a renovation. Not only are you getting some home decorating inspiration, but you are also getting practical tips for your own makeover. Shows that feature people looking to buy homes are also great for getting ideas about decorating your own space.

Hotels and Airbnbs

Hotels and Airbnbs are great for finding home decorating inspiration. They are designed to provide travelers with a comfortable, relaxing and welcoming home away from home. By staying in a hotel or a funky Airbnb, you can experience spaces designed by others. Make a note of what you enjoy about the place, the style of the room and the décor, and use it in your own home.

hotel lobby to inspire
Hotel lobby | Huy Nguyen / Unsplash

Hotel design inspiration isn't limited to rooms. All the spaces, including the lobby, dining area and bathrooms, are designed with a purpose in mind. Everything from mirrors, plants and soap dishes has been planned out with the traveler in mind. Not able to travel? Many hotels have pictures of their rooms and properties online, which you can visit from the comfort of your own house. Recreating that hotel vibe at home is now easier than ever before.

Antique shops and estate sales

If you're looking for unique items to decorate your home, make sure to visit antique shops and estate sales. You're likely to find one-of-a-kind items that will spark your imagination. Don't be afraid of pieces that need some love. New upholstery, a new coat of paint or a little varnish can bring items back to life and give them another purpose.

table with used home items
Tips for buying furniture | Simone Pellegrini / Unsplash

Looking for something with a retro vibe or want to add some old-world charm pieces to your décor? Antique shops and estate sales are great for home designs inspired by past trends and styles. Depending on your project and vision, you might want to look for a specific item to fit your scheme or let the objects inspire your home décor ideas. Making the old new again is a common practice that is easier on your wallet and better for the planet.


Sometimes leaving familiar surroundings and going to a new place can be a great source of inspiration for decorating your home. When you travel, you get out of your comfort zone. You get exposed to other cultures. You immerse yourself in new environments that stimulate your senses and open your eyes to new experiences. That inspiration can come from the people you meet, the architecture around you or the nature you explore.

travel inspiration
Get inspired by travel | Pietro De Grandi / Unsplash

Think about the colors, lights, textures and fabrics from your travels and incorporate them into your home design. Travel-inspired interior design goes beyond the physical. It creates emotional connections that can bring you back to specific destinations and how they made you feel. Integrating travel memories into your décor is a great way to add personality and uniqueness to any design. You can incorporate travel mementos into your existing décor or create new designs around them. It can be a project for one room or the whole house.

Friends and family

The people you surround yourself with are also an excellent source for finding design inspiration. Everyone has a friend or a relative with a really great house, a funky apartment or a unique style. It can be your aunt's antique furniture or your friend's perfectly laid out gallery of photos that inspire your own home décor. On your next visit, look around and note what you like about the space and how it makes you feel. What makes it so great?

A group of friends
Friends | Felix Rostig / Unsplash

Visiting your family and friends offers an opportunity to get inspired by the people closest to you. Your connections with them have impacted who you have become today, so why not start with that when personalizing your home? Know anyone who hired a professional to decorate their home? Ask about their inspiration, furniture and finishings. They'll be happy to show you around and answer your questions. It's like watching a home renovation show and walking on the set in real life.


Your home is your personal oasis. A place where you relax, live, entertain and spend quality time with your loved ones. Your space should make you feel happy and comfortable. Design ideas can come from many sources, and we hope that our list has inspired you to find design inspiration in places you maybe haven't considered before. Finding that inspiration can take some work, and once you have it, you can bring that vision to life.

Looking for more design ideas? Check out the many amazing designs created by our users and try your hand at virtual design projects for yourself.

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