The Art of Hygge Decor: Create a Home that Feels Like a Hug

Hygge is the latest decor trend taking over homes all over the world. Here is what you need to know about this style.

Coffee and sweater on the sofa with fur cushions. Cozy winter scene in Scandinavian interior.
Hygge design basics | Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Hygge is arguably one of interior design's best home decor secrets that revels in creating joy and coziness in life's everyday moments. Often referred to as "a state of mind," hygge is about being present in your environment and taking enjoyment in your home and being around your family and friends. Hygge decor is all about the art of creating an intimacy that works in every home.

In this post, we share our tips and inspiration about the concept of hygge and the philosophy behind it so you can easily incorporate it into your own hygge home.

What is hygge decor?

Pronounced "hoo-ga," hygge is a concept that originated in Denmark and as mentioned, it revolves around creating moments of coziness, comfort and appreciation of everyday life. It applies to life in general but also to interiors.

In harsher winter climates, it is easier for the weather to get you down. However, Danes have instead chosen to embrace the indoors and bring coziness and happiness to their interiors. What hygge boils down to is creating a welcoming space that brings you joy and comfort.

As Denmark has been consistently named one of the happiest countries in the world, we can see that through hygge, the Danish people have translated this happiness into their homes.

Hygge style: lighting

In hygge homes, you will always find candles, lamps and fireplaces as common ways to add light. The great thing about lighting is that it can set the mood and create ambiance, which is a key factor in creating a hygge home. There are several ways to incorporate lighting into your hygge decor.

Night lights on either side of your bed are a great way to make your bedroom feel more like a relaxing escape rather than simply somewhere to sleep. Scattered candles, draped stringy lights and lamps are also great options.

Multiple light sources can create a cozy and peaceful vibe while illuminating a room and creating a soft ambiance. Ambient lighting in reading nooks, libraries and living rooms can help you add warmth and brighten your space.

Minimalistic vibe

With hygge - similarly to minimalism or Japandi styles - sometimes less is more. One key idea is to strategically select favorite decor pieces so they are functional and stylish.

While functionality and a minimalist approach are favored here, hygge is full of sentiment. As we have said, creating a sense of home is essential. You can do that by incorporating personal and sentimental items while remaining stylish. Books are a great way to do this as they add a personal touch and are a conversation starter. You can also use other family heirlooms if they fit in with the decor and vibe.

Soft furnishings

One of the fundamental principles of this style is one that we love: comfort! Hygge is all about being comfortable by curling up on a sofa with an excellent book or watching a movie wrapped in a fluffy blanket.

You can enhance the comfort of your home by embracing the hygge style by adding blankets, pillows, throws, and anything else that screams cozy before you even need to touch it. If it looks like it feels comfortable, you have succeeded!

Hygge textures

Hygge is also about embracing textures by adding comfort to your home through soft furnishings. Textures create eye-catching layers and visual interests that enhance the sense of comfort.

There are many ways to add textures to your decor. Think chunky knitted throws, fur rugs, textured cushions, woven decor or satin blankets. While these are some easy ways to add texture to your home, you can also do so through raw materials that may already be built into your interiors, such as wooden floors or exposed brick. These choices work well together while creating a nice contrast and giving off perfect hygge decor vibes.

Hygge color palette

​​As we have discussed, hygge is very simple. There are no tricks, gimmicks or distractions, strictly comfort and good vibes. When it comes to the color scheme, it is important to stay on theme and, let's face it, a lot of color can be very distracting.

To fully embrace hygge style in your home, opt for a neutral color scheme and keep your decor within a neutral palette - this creates streamlined coordination throughout the home and allows you and your guest to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Neutral colors don't have to be boring. You don’t have to do all rooms in one colors - there are many different shades of neutrals to choose from. There's more to them than simply plain white and beige.

As with your color choices, choose neutral colors and finished to give your space a streamlined look. Opt for warm woods, as these work great with neutrals, or even stone, both of which are a great way to bring a Scandinavian and natural vibe into your home.

Hygge bathrooms

When it comes to hygge bathrooms, the comfort extends here as well.  One way to incorporate this style into your bathroom is by treating it as a relaxing retreat, in other words, a spa. The idea is that a bathroom should not just be a place where you get ready in the morning, but somewhere you can escape and unwind.

To find inspiration, just picture a trip to a spa. Luscious robes, warm tiles or plush rugs for your bare feet, beautiful scents and rain shower heads. Your bathroom is a prime spot for creating a hygge oasis. Opt for warm light bulbs, candles and even a bubble bath - to create that luxurious feel of a spa. Keep in mind that hygge is all about clutter-free spaces, and this should be applied to the bathroom as well.

Maximum comfort of hygge style

What's better than an open fire during the colder seasons? Not a lot. Luckily for the Danish, these colder seasons tend to last much longer than the rest of the world, so a fireplace is a must. In their culture, it's common for friends and family to gather around a fireplace and spend time together - this image of home, comfort and togetherness is classic hygge style.

Another benefit of a fireplace? It also creates a warm light which adds to creating a perfect atmosphere and ambiance. Surround the open fire with a few candles to create layers of light, or even use string lights, to evoke an incredible feeling of hygge in your home.

Embrace nature

Plants and greenery are also a big part of the hygge decor. Not only can they do wonders for the general atmosphere of your home, but also for your health. Real plants are, of course, your best option. However, if that's not ideal, feel free to utilize artificial plants in your home.

While aesthetically, plants are beautiful, they are also helpful in creating one of the critical elements of hygge: calm. It is scientifically proven that just looking at something natural can soothe a person and help them develop relaxing vibes. So, adding some natural vibes to your home will only help enhance the hygge vibes you are looking for.


If you are looking for a change, then hygge style may be the way to go, and we say go for it! All of the critical elements of this style are beneficial both aesthetically and psychologically. Hygge is a great way to enjoy the beauty of your home and the time spent there while creating memories.

There are many layers to the hygge style; however, they all stem from creating a calm and soothing environment. With our list of tips and suggestions, we hope you will be inspired to give the hygge lifestyle a chance and successfully adapt your home to this beautiful trend.

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