irvan gorontalo
加入年份: 2015
man with a thousand passion to be apply in his life.
I named this design as a Warm Foodies Couple. Entering the room faced two mirrors, beside can reflect the natural light, china people believe the mirror on the the entering room is better. next, a simple and comfort sofa with a fresh orange colour, persuade for couple which love foods. Accros the living room, there a huge space for cooking, combine with a warm colour pallet, face with a garden. Its a good air circulation!
Simply Elegant 
simple and elegant room
This project is a collaboration between luxury, elegance but not using many properties, because it aims to comfort the guest of this room.
The first room is decorated for a place to rest for a moment and can be used as a chat room with friends, only using 2 chairs with eye-catching colour.
Entering the main bedroom, a large and comfortable mattress and matching furniture coupled with an orange landscape painting make the room feel warmer, there is also a work desk and reading chair near the bed.
For the bathroom itself, using an elegant colour, bathtub and toilet adds comfort when cleaning the body. 
I hope this design can be an inspiration. Thank you