Rhea Jagadeesh
加入年份: 2020
Hi! I am Rhea Jagadeesh and I am thirteen years old! I love architecture and I plan to become an artist and architect when I'm older. My dream is to study a major in Visual Arts and Architecture in MIT! Thanks for supporting me :) -Rhea :)
Hi I am Rhea 1809 and I am eleven years old. I really like architecture and I have decided to compete in this contest. I hope you like my girls bedroom????

Hi! I am Rhea 1809 and I am eleven years old. I spent a lot of time of this kitchen and I would like your honest comments or suggestions. I hope you like it!
A warm welcome rug with two lovely plants. 3 games in a room with appropriate wallpaper and a small lounge with a board game storage shelf and a decor item near the entrance door (large dices). Please vote for me. I hope you can help me win this competition and don't forget to give me the link to your project and I will definitely vote. I would like honest comments and/or suggestions please

Thanks, Rhea 1809
Rug and two decor plants at the entrance. King sized bed with TV and TV stand with pots of roses and a rug underneath. One chandelier and two lamps beside the bed. Storage shelf near the entrance with books and small plants and six paintings also near the entrance. A storage cupboard near the window with blue curtains. Finally, a small changing area. I chose the main color of my classic bedroom to be navy blue. I would like honest comments and/or suggestions please. If you can, please help me get into the top five. I would love that. And don't forget to put your link so I can check out your project too! Thanks, Rhea 1809