加入年份: 2020
Just want to learn how to design interior spaces and facades
This is my first design ever!!! so im open to read your comments. I have always liked Civil Engineering but lately I have been reading and learning things about Architecture by my own and planning to take it to the next level (professional study).
In this office plan. I have put the desk right next tot the door because then if you have someone coming to talk don't need to go to the opposite corner even the area is only 12m2. Then I set a table opposite to the desk if you need more extra space for working with floors plans for example and next to the table there is an office furniture where you may have all the paper work to work with on the table. Finally I put the sofa next to the window for when you take a break you can have a coffee watching outside. And because I love nature I put a tree next to the window as well. I hope you guys can let me know what you think and what mistakes I may have done. Thank you, see you in the next challenge (Y)
Project has been done with only the
Just a simple kitchen. The sink is facing the window so the person that is cleaning still can enjoy the view. Please don't ask for a vote... I will if I like your work.