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Hello everyone! I know it has NO ARTWORK, just to let you guys know! This is my Country Style Bathroom! It is black, white, little bits of gray, and wood. It has a bathtub a sink and a toilet! The sink has a mirror, a mini mirror for looking at your self close up, a plant, and a bin or towels and lotion. The toilet, is well a toilet. I also saw the curtains, and I thought I like the colors it came with. I also thought the lights above the sink were very cool! There is also a table which has towels and robes on it. There is a laundry bin for dirty clothes. And there is another standing table with a plant, extra soaps, extra bins, and a candle. I hope you like my project! Bye! Fine Designs!

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Hall Pat
Muy bonito diseño.
2021-03-01 15:36:07
¡Muchas gracias Hall Pat! ¡Realmente creo que este es mi proyecto favorito de lejos! ¡Gracias de nuevo Hall!
2021-03-01 15:38:26