Bedroom with a balcony

Design a children’s bedroom with a balcony


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hello vote for me i'm on page 10 i'm going to vote for you

2020-06-01 19:33:21

This is cute! My younger sis LOVES purple, I will vote for you if you vote for meeee!!! I am on page 16!!!

2020-06-01 21:39:33
Anonymous :)

I like the color scheme a lot. I think it’s really nice! I do think that the wall paper with the anchors is a bit much. But other than that, really cute! I will vote for you. Please look at mine. https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3664

2020-06-01 23:10:48
Do me a 👍 and I'll try to do you a 👍 Back (Lavi)


2020-06-02 14:04:20

Very nice colour scheme

2020-06-02 15:06:33

wow its so good! ill vote for u

2020-06-02 15:26:02

I love it! It is really good!

2020-06-02 15:56:23
Interior Designsss

Really adorable!

2020-06-02 16:40:22
Наталия Болли

Thanks for evaluating my project. I did uni (for both the boy and the girl). You have a very beautiful room for a little princess. We put on Saturday one another likes? (translated using Google from Russian into English).

2020-06-02 17:59:52

I'll vote for you

2020-06-02 18:46:17


2020-06-03 07:08:17

I will vote for you! Please vote for me! Here's the link! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3912/#comment_9664116 Also Please vote for daanerom! His work is good! Here's the link! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3643/

2020-06-03 20:57:11

I love the purple color! It's my 2nd fav color!

2020-06-03 20:57:50
Anna Fajar Hasanah

Aaa Larissa, this is so girly & cutiee..

2020-06-05 07:19:16
Anna Fajar Hasanah

Anw, please visit mine https://planner5d.com/en/contests/detail/4025, kindly vote if you like it & I need your constructive advices :)

2020-06-05 07:19:21

I voted for you

2020-06-05 07:52:21

i just voted for you please vote for me aswell!! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/3643/

2020-06-05 11:41:59

I voted for you

2020-06-05 15:19:25

I Voted For You!

2020-06-05 17:12:13

really pretty! I voted for you. Thanks for voting for me :)

2020-06-05 19:35:47
Elena Z

Very nice project, I like it!

2020-06-05 19:36:55
Elena Z

I voted for you

2020-06-05 19:37:14


2020-06-06 10:07:44
Wild Tiger Lily

Really nice one Larissa, you definitely deserve my vote! As well as my best compliments

2020-06-06 13:17:40
User 10840096

2020-06-06 14:58:17
designer KT

really cool! thanks for liking mine!

2020-06-06 16:03:13

this is sooo cute! thanks for liking mine!

2020-06-06 23:26:22
Мария Завина

Я голосовал за тебя.

2020-06-07 04:31:30

Однозначный голос

2020-06-07 10:22:09

I voted for you

2020-06-07 16:58:48
Interior Designsss

I love it!!! Please go to my room, on page 13!!! And vote! if you vote for me and tell me the page, I will vote for you!

2020-06-07 20:17:55

voted for you thank you for voting for me

2020-06-07 23:46:01
The Ultimate Interior Girl


2020-06-12 19:46:18

Soooooooooo adorable. I voted for you. Can you vote for me pls?

2020-06-14 21:55:35