Bintang Project

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Potato chip

It looks good. And thank you for the comment.

2020-05-26 05:57:49

It is really nice! we can see you put a lot of effort in it. And i like the colors you used. Go check my design!

2020-05-26 06:19:14
Gabriel Alejandro Martinez Patiño

hello well it seems to me a wonderful and very modern living room idea that I like to stand much better than mine and several more that I have seen hahaha thanks for your attention and take the time to see my living room.

2020-05-26 06:59:01

I like it! If you vote for my project I'll vote for yours!

2020-05-26 07:46:25
Bintang Project

Thank you for all comment. It can be improve my skill. See you in 2 days again..

2020-05-26 08:52:49
Anna Fajar Hasanah

Keren kak, rapi desainnya

2020-05-26 10:16:11
Bintang Project

Makasih bnyk masukannya.. jgn lupa di vote ya.. :)

2020-05-26 10:17:48
Jhon Tripple

very nice design

2020-05-26 13:42:57
Bintang Project

Tq Jhon Triple. Dont forget to vote.

2020-05-26 13:52:43
Sahat Butar


2020-05-26 13:54:07


2020-05-26 14:13:40
Rohani Napitupulu


2020-05-26 14:20:11

Looks AMAZING!!! I love the design, simple, modern, elegant, and a touch of classic.

2020-05-26 16:19:40

go check out my living room please :) your living room looks really nice by the way. I will vote for you if u vote for me!!!

2020-05-26 17:21:18
User 10840096

2020-05-26 21:06:32
Anonymous :)

It looks very nice! I love it! I will vote for you in two days.

2020-05-26 23:02:46

The books are a bit too consistent, and they're going through the bookshelf. Overall, well done! Wouldn't be surprised if you were top 5.

2020-05-27 19:08:17
Melisa Napitupulu

Good Job!!!!

2020-05-29 00:07:18

wow looks great...kindly check out mine

2020-05-29 00:53:46
Anna Fajar Hasanah

Done, bang.. Makasih yaa :)

2020-05-29 04:37:55

WOW it's beautiful. Congratulations. :) I'm 12 years and my project is in page 23, please vote for me. (

2020-05-29 08:21:03

2020-05-29 13:57:04

I voted for you! Please vote for me! Here's the link!

2020-05-29 13:57:33

The first link was yours lol I got mixed up. But this looks really nice!

2020-05-29 13:58:20

It's very nice!

2020-05-29 16:28:22

Like. Like it back?

2020-05-29 17:52:09

nice living room thank you for vote me I also vote your's project

2020-05-30 02:58:15
Carol Freddy CR7

Amazing I love yours

2020-05-30 04:22:14
Carol Freddy CR7

I voted for u

2020-05-30 04:22:22
User 10840096

2020-05-31 01:41:11

Wow! I love the touch with the books!

2020-06-02 16:05:10
User 55743425

Its good but dont you think its a little plain though?

2022-11-06 00:40:15