Saulė Kardašaitė

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Nataly Perez

me gusta tu proyecto buen trabajo deja tu comentario en la pagina 1 te lo agradesco

2020-10-12 12:41:30
Nataly Perez

me encanto

2020-10-12 12:44:03
User 12006058

2020-10-12 13:28:43
User 12006058

2020-10-12 13:31:33
Saulė Kardašaitė

Thanks Nataly Perez! And thank you Miracle Doggy, I really appreciate it :) It is different from the TV show because I tried to give the apartment my own twist.

2020-10-12 13:58:01
Rizki Agustin

I like your room. It's good. Please vote me. I will vote you back

2020-10-12 14:02:20

it is really very good i like the combination of your apartment please do check mine in page 2 please do vote me if you like i will vote you back

2020-10-12 14:05:40
User 15281715

2020-10-12 14:26:51

a very nice and subtle colour combination it is very luxurious in looks and the flooring is awesome even though I found one suggestion to make that I thought that 3 chandeliers in the kitchen weren't necessary but I wont say I didn't like it.If you do like my project please vote me on pg 1 thanks have a god day

2020-10-12 14:32:07


2020-10-12 14:32:23

the mauves and gold combination went together looked royal

2020-10-12 14:36:09

This design is absolutely amazing!!! Just like Monica's room, just with a bit of a twist, which makes it 10 times better! I also like the pictures as you come in, hanging on the wall! I wouldn't be surprised at all if you win 1st place!! please check my project out on page 4!

2020-10-12 15:20:21
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi saule! i will be honest in my reply! Thanks for your nice comment! The color you chose are amazing and it matches everything! the kitchen is amazing! i will be voting for your project!

2020-10-12 15:42:13
Isaac Schultze

Hi I didn't know that this was modeled after a show!! I just thought that some it was for a person with roommates. I guess by the other comments it's pretty close so you have my vote! please check mine out!

2020-10-12 18:02:00
Hall Pat

Me gusta la temática de tu habitación, ya que si bien lleva la idea original no se centro totalmente en ella y tomo su propio estilo. El blanco de las paredes al inicio me pareció un poco frío, pero después de analizarlo me di cuenta de que ayuda a qué la habitación y su balance con lo colorido de el mobiliario buen trabajo.

2020-10-12 20:50:39

Gracias por tu comentario! Me gusta mucho cómo has usado los colores, buena idea poner la cocina en esa posición! Me encanta el color de la nevera!

2020-10-12 21:54:08

Hola, me gusta mucho tu sala de estar para amigos, también le da un toque de alegría y paz, ve a ver la mía en la pagina 11, seguro que te va a encantar.

2020-10-12 23:23:43

Very nice, i really like the gold accents you added in, very lovely. Check mine out if you´d like and Good Luck!!

2020-10-12 23:53:41


2020-10-13 02:08:13
Born to be Wild

Hi, thanks for your review comments! I like the modern take on the theme. The golden pendant lights throughout looks very good. I love the overall golden accents in your theme, its fantastic!

2020-10-13 05:19:00
Saulė Kardašaitė

Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate your honest comments! :)

2020-10-13 06:05:31

I like it!

2020-10-13 09:14:53

hi! great project. very vibrant. im an page 14 if you wanna see mine.

2020-10-13 14:18:44

sorry about that comment, i had to use one hand because my other one had taki powder on it.

2020-10-13 14:30:52

wow! i love yours u definitely have my vote

2020-10-13 18:03:20
User 15281715

2020-10-13 18:38:36
Lily Delgadillo

Sorry I didn't move to your previous design. I really appreciate that you have gone through mine. I like the neutrality of your space and the touches of color that make an adequate balance that doesn't visually saturate your design.

2020-10-13 19:18:50

Hey! I LOVE this design so much! This is my first time in the contest and I would love it if you commented your thoughts and opinions (my project's on page 19). I decided to do more of a modern approach to Monica's apartment. :)

2020-10-13 20:54:17

Also, I'm definitely voting for you!!!!

2020-10-13 20:54:50
Izzy Moonlight ☾

It is very vibrant- (And then you look at mine) >:D

2020-10-13 22:30:56
User 13280614

2020-10-13 23:09:52

Hi, first of all, thank you so much for your kind words about my project. I loved it to be honest with you as I'm a huge FRIENDS fan and I always loved Monica's apartment. So for me this contest was a sort of gift from paradise! The colorful paintings are my persona tribute to the tv show. It's a reference to the iconic logo. The frames are white like the color of the font used and the colors are the same shade of the dots between the letters. I managed to find the hex code doing some researches. The golden touches are a tribute not to the series but to one of my favourite designers here, Elena Z, which often uses gold in her project. Now let's talk about your project...

2020-10-13 23:11:38

I want to be honest with you and I will tell you a very similar thing that I said to another of my favourite designers here, Hall Pratt. That room is no close by the slightest to Monica's apartment. There are no references at all and without knowing the brief I would never being able to make any link with FRIENDS most famous set. This is what I said to Hall, more or less. However, just like him, you delivered a very good design. A modern, fresh, enjoyable apartment that is elegant but not too pretentious. Stilish but still with a home-y feel which I like it very much. I think that you did a very good job but forgive me, I think that the theme of this contest was very specific. If I had to judge you only on that I would say that you failed. I'm torn apart as that design remains a very lovely, lovely thing. Nice calming palette of color, good eye in chosing the forniture, a very well thought layout. Good luck with the contest my dear.

2020-10-13 23:19:07
barra dzulqarnain

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2020-10-14 07:10:03
Matthew O'Steen

Just letting you all know i am not participating in this weeks contest. However I would like to vote when time comes. I wish you all good luck! Saulé, I really like how you put these designs in the apartment. This is stunning. I’ll try to vote for you when time comes.

2020-10-15 18:00:51
Milica G.

Great, old in a new way and new in an old way :)! It is, actually very hard to keep in mind an original Monicas' apartment, weather to copy it exactly or to make variations. I myself was thinking about creating something completely new, with a completely different layout, but than it would not be a response to a chalenge. Happy to see how you did it :)!

2020-10-15 18:35:59
Maryna Denyschenko

Hi, you did here a perfect room actuallty. Sand colors with gold accents make the interior so delicate and warm. And your kitchen is amazing. Splashes of pink on the white marble countertops and a bright green frige bring spring spring vibes into the interior.

2020-10-15 20:35:05
User 15281715

2020-10-16 00:28:41
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi! The living room looks so nice! The kitchen is amazing! I LOVE the way you arranged the furniture! ! SO TALENTED....! I voted for your project! please vote for me on page 3! Thanks!:)

2020-10-16 00:38:25
Hall Pat


2020-10-16 01:49:49

Voted! Good luck

2020-10-16 02:06:49
Rizki Agustin

Hi saule. I have vote you. Please vote me back.

2020-10-16 04:59:31
Saulė Kardašaitė

Thanks everyone!! :)

2020-10-16 05:31:23
Milica G.

You are doing good, hope you get into best fives! Voted :)!

2020-10-16 06:56:30

Voted :)

2020-10-16 09:21:29
Born to be Wild

voted !:)

2020-10-16 09:25:31


2020-10-16 13:07:11

I voted for you

2020-10-16 14:56:06
Lily Delgadillo


2020-10-16 17:21:22
Mr Fugnug

Huzaifah shaikh has copy and pased that same comment multiple times, dont trust them.

2020-10-16 17:37:40
User 12006058

2020-10-16 17:53:04
User 12006058

2020-10-16 17:53:36

I like the layout. Very nice!

2020-10-16 19:00:59


2020-10-17 21:10:51

Hi, I voted! Love the colours and the creative shelf!

2020-10-18 16:07:13
Elena Z

Hi, thanks a lot for your nice comment. I really like the golden accent! Voted

2020-10-18 16:54:41

I see that you didnt change the wallpaper, If you want to do that you can click on the wall you want to change or the floor to change all of them and then click the painter icon and you can choose wallpaper, wood tiled, ect. If you already knew than that didnt help much

2020-10-18 23:59:46