William Davenport

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Julio Medrano

Good job, if you had put the furniture in white it would be more attached to the challenge. Be careful to place the decorations and furniture so that they are not floating apart from the wall such as the clock, the painting, the curtain that is too low, that they do not go through another solid object such as the aerial lamps that are too high and part is hidden of your design in the false sky. These lamps are not suitable for this type of space because they have a very low false ceiling, and when placing the lamp that is very low like yours and that they lacked a little lower, it is a sure system error when suggesting that decoration which is for a higher ceiling type. All of this will allow your design to look as clean and realistic as possible. I invite you to see my design and comment if you want on page 26. Greetings!

2020-09-10 16:58:58
Elena Z

Hallo William, thanks for your nice comment. I like your project, I find it just a little bit unbalanced because one wall is completely empty and the black corner is very full. I voted for you.

2020-09-11 18:51:31
William Davenport

thank u guys i will do my best on the next one

2020-10-02 12:20:20