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User 9424078

2020-08-24 20:32:41

I stole your idea about the outside area. Yours is fantastic!

2020-08-25 00:42:27
User 9424078

2020-08-25 01:00:08

Doungun- Peace love and understanding works best

2020-08-25 03:09:16
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks great. I like the colors.

2020-08-25 14:57:04

So colorful! The design fits really well with the BOHO one, good job! Feel free to come see mine on page 8, thank you and good luck!

2020-08-25 15:35:03
Victória Scorpioni

Hey Willow! I really like your design, the colors and the way you put the furniture, it's really BOHO with this colors and all. I voted for you. Come by my project in page 18. I hope you like it. https://planner5d.com/pt/contests/works/?page=18 Thank you already!

2020-08-29 03:24:40

WOW! It looks amazing! I love all of the bright colors, and the placing of all the furniture. I will totally vote for you!!! Please check out my project and give it a like if you think I deserve it. Or at least leave a comment. Feel free to give me feedback. Thank you!!

2020-08-29 17:03:42
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

hi i really like your project so muchh!!!! i really like the bedroom.i voted for your project!.please vote for me on page 2. my name is huzaifah shaikh

2020-08-29 18:25:14

Thanks for the comments, I will check out all of you and vote.

2020-08-31 00:34:16