Penthouse room

Design a kitchen and living room in the Penthouse.

Grade 5 DALDE, Marcus Jimrod B. 丁强士

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Very nice. Although it’s missing it’s spark. Nice effort please check out mine

2021-04-05 02:23:19
Grade 5 DALDE, Marcus Jimrod B. 丁强士

mostly black and white. hope you like it. :)

2021-04-05 02:26:06

Hey! I don’t dislike it! Thanks 4 da comment

2021-04-05 02:49:03
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks good. But the kitchen is blocking the window.

2021-04-05 15:34:52
User 20244259

cute design! i like your attention to detail with all the decor and the layout is very nice but just a suggestion: maybe a bit more colour could add that extra spark. well done and good luck. please see mine.

2021-04-05 18:48:17
Grade 5 DALDE, Marcus Jimrod B. 丁强士

Thank you!

2021-04-06 01:18:09
Isabella Albert

i loveit

2021-04-06 04:00:03
User 20244259

your welcome, please see mine!

2021-04-06 11:08:51

thank you for the comment on my penthouse! I love yours so much!

2021-04-06 14:32:42

Dis is cool!

2021-04-06 16:59:58

its very modern I like it

2021-05-06 11:09:24