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just_another_ theater_kid

plz like this it is my first time entering one of these competisions and it took me way too long plz help me -me a 10 year old who cant desyn stuff and is also terrible at spelling

2020-05-22 19:48:42

Really like the colour scheme and wallpaper, it makes it a feel like a very comfortable but fresh space to live in.

2020-05-23 08:48:07

Love the rug xoxox

2020-05-23 08:54:07
just_another_ theater_kid

thanks but literly everybody is doing it

2020-05-23 09:14:38
Andrea Longman

Fresh and pretty. I love that you've included a table for family meals.

2020-05-23 10:10:59
just_another_ theater_kid


2020-05-23 11:06:32

you are number1

2020-05-23 12:25:52
just_another_ theater_kid

thanks person who is defently not my sister

2020-05-23 12:26:37

and I'm your sister

2020-05-23 12:29:00
just_another_ theater_kid

no ur NOT my sister

2020-05-23 12:32:04
just_another_ theater_kid

cuz my sisters avatar would have a brownie

2020-05-23 12:32:38

I love how fresh this feels - like Spring. From the nice open space, to the nature inspired wallpapers, to the rug that frames the social space. Lovely!

2020-05-23 21:36:16

..and the green zigzag chairs too.

2020-05-23 21:37:14

Overall this is such an elegant design

2020-05-23 21:42:29
just_another_ theater_kid


2020-05-24 06:54:08
Anoushka Sarin


2020-05-24 11:22:49
just_another_ theater_kid

thanks so much

2020-05-27 13:07:56
Mark Davies

Great colours and layout

2020-05-28 12:32:43
just_another_ theater_kid

r u? dad?

2020-05-28 12:38:28