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2020-08-31 01:28:57

Congratulations on coming first last week. This project is really good and I love how many plants there. My project is on page 4 if you want to check it out.

2020-08-31 04:22:08
Iona Boswell

You did amazing coming first last week, and I love how grand it feels

2020-08-31 04:40:14
Happy doggy

Here are my renders.

2020-08-31 12:16:12

Hiii, woww yours really nice. I love the color theme. Very nice. Love the mirror and the paintings you put ^_^ please check mine out on page one ^_^

2020-08-31 12:31:31
User 12006058

2020-08-31 14:21:34

wow i really like this design. I love the the colors. Congrats on first place!!!

2020-08-31 15:21:22

I love this! ;-; Im screwed. Yours is too good. ;-;

2020-08-31 15:54:19

Im on page 13 if you wanna check out who your gonna defeat;-;

2020-08-31 15:55:42

Very unique! Come vote me on page 13, you vote me I will vote you! I really want to get to the top 5, so pls get me there. Thanks Tiny Dancer

2020-08-31 16:30:31
Happy doggy

Thanks everybody!

2020-08-31 21:46:31

I really like it but why are the curtains in the middle of the window?

2020-08-31 22:07:14

hello my name is bibipro1 and your design is spectacular it's very cool I'm on page 12 if you like vote goodbye

2020-09-01 08:20:43
Happy doggy

thankes everybody

2020-09-01 11:28:50
Happy doggy

Make sure to look at my renders

2020-09-01 11:32:55
Happy doggy


2020-09-01 11:33:26
User 12006058

2020-09-01 16:01:02

Wow, looks so cozy and formal!

2020-09-01 18:11:17
Scarlett-Rose Morris ❤️

love this living room very nice see mine one page 1 i'll vote for u if u vote for me # goodluck

2020-09-01 21:05:08
Annabeth Chase

I love it!! beautiful, enchanting, elegant, extreme and lovely. I will vote. It is just incredible I love the interior and the exterior it all blends together perfectly!!! I am on page 33. Please vote and leave a nice comment!!

2020-09-02 00:20:54
печенье выпечка

I like your living room but Excuse:You forgot to paint the outside walls.(if you would like to check out mine it is on page 20)

2020-09-02 01:00:32
Happy doggy

Thanks everybody

2020-09-02 12:04:06
Ying Yang Art

Hello, I love your house, it is very beautiful, it surprises me how you varied all the objects, you met the requirements I would like you to see my project and denounce how I stay and correct me if there are errors if you like my project I hope a like from me Thank you

2020-09-02 16:18:19
Rizki Agustin

Hello. my name is Rizki Agustin and your design it's very cool. i am on page 1. if you would like to vote for me, I would appreciate. Goodbye

2020-09-03 12:01:34

this is really good!! please come check out mine and leave advice!!

2020-09-03 21:36:33
Luis MJ-37

No me gustó esta muy feo nada que ver

2020-09-03 21:53:59

Thanks everybody

2020-09-03 22:36:01

Hi! your design is very nice! I love it. i wishing you luck! i voted for you, please now vote for me

2020-09-04 03:42:47

Hi! First of all i should congratulate you for coming first last week. i really like your design.please check my design on page and vote for me if you like it.

2020-09-04 05:22:29

Wow, i love the way you put the mirror. I'm on page 52 if you want to see my project

2020-09-04 06:55:55
אורי אליצור

תסתכלו על שלי בעמוד 16

2020-09-04 08:28:58
Julio Medrano

Buen diseño. Cumple con el desafío por los colores claros y el piano. No soy muy partidario en repetir decoraciones, pero lo hiciste bien, recuerda de tener cuidado al colocar las decoraciones el florero y la calendare se bajo un poco de la mesa y quedo oculta su base. Te invito a ver el mío en la pág. N° 21. le das me gusta, si realmente es de tu agrado, sino deja un comentario que también es de importancia y valioso para mí. Gracias y saludos.

2020-09-04 14:43:33

Well done for winning last week!!!!! Really good design!!!! Lots of things to look at!

2020-09-04 16:19:15
User 12006058

2020-09-04 16:39:56
Jh Guy

I voted for you! Pls vote for me! Here is the link:

2020-09-04 18:24:48
Georgia :)

Hello, It is really good I really really want to win or at least get in the top five. I am not popular like you so I don't think my dream will come true

2020-09-04 19:16:46


2020-09-04 22:11:40

your designs looks so good .checkout my project on pg 35

2020-09-05 05:50:24
Alex Faulkner

I love this design. Looks so smart and classy but really relaxing. The renders make it look even better. Mines on pg41 if you want to look :)

2020-09-05 21:18:35
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

I love it!! beautiful, enchanting, elegant, extreme and lovely. I will vote. It is just incredible I love the interior and the exterior it all blends together perfectly!!! I am on page 2. Please vote and leave a nice comment!!

2020-09-06 00:31:22

maybe if you changed the flooring, add nicer colors, include a fireplace and do the curtains properly my one is a great example for you to learn.

2020-09-06 05:07:09

Very well arranged! I definitely could stand to learn a few things from the way you've worked with the L shape of the room to sub divide the space into semi, but not too equal quadrants and then subdivide those quadrants at 90 and 45 degree angles respective to the curved wall to create the right balance of symmetry and asymmetry and on top of that managed to bring all of the different spatial, textural, lighting, and chromatic elements together in a very cohesive and pleasing way! I think what I like best is that it feels like you've struck the perfect balance between how the space would photograph and how it would be used in the real world. Also I like that you adapted your palette to the colors already present which is a pretty cool skill to have! Voted!!! (^.^)d I'm on page 12 btw. (n.n)/

2020-09-06 06:58:18

thanks everybody

2020-09-06 21:25:42

hi happy dogy! I am French I wanted to thank you for my project (before) you voted for me because you told me that my project was great thank you very much

2020-09-13 16:30:23
Love Dogs

Love it!!!! can you do a tiny cottage? with dogs if you can?

2021-09-07 03:58:15