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Live near Manchester City Centre working as an Interior Designer for a well-known retail company.
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Design Battle projects
A small business that counts teamwork as an important part of the job. Most likely a business that deals with creative projects that require computers. 
It consists of a small room between one member of staff (such as the project manager) and a couch for the clients. There is also a meeting room at the other end for staff meetings or larger client groups. 
The main area is separated from the entrance 'corridor' by open shelving units that could have display books, plants or decor pieces on display. It has a seating place for staff to relax if they want or a place for visitors who are waiting. 
The tv's are for entertainment purposes or to present projects. I wanted to keep the area as open as possible therefor there are only a few tables and the storage is placed against one wall. The placement of the tables and chairs was inspired by 'The Intern' film. It allows employees to create a bigger working space by moving their computer screens if they wish and they can work together as they can communicate with ease. It also allows them to socialise in the office as there is no break room. 
The windows are left bare as there were only two chosen blinds and neither worked well in the space or could be altered to fit the windows which would allow a lot of light in. I chose these particular lights as they were more interesting than a typical ceiling light and lamps would most likely get in the way. They also went well with colour scheme, particularly the brick work, which I really liked and didn't want to get rid of. 
Rather than going for an all white, blank slate look I chose to only keep the longest wall white. A slate colour and shade yellow were chose for the main area but then I added a feature/mural wall in the separate rooms as I thought they needed some personalisation due to their purpose. 
There would be chance to hang more frames on the wall to showcase art or work produced.
There are some examples of where security cameras would be placed as, at  the end of the day, it is a business that, like any other, needs some form of security particularly with the tv's and computers.  
It is a space where I would personally feel happy working within a creative community and appears more relaxed than the cliche office look which is something I wanted to avoid.
Brown is not normally a colour I would go for but I took it as a challenge to use as much as possible whilst still keeping the room looking inviting and like a place I would also want to stay. 
A lot of hotels have a signature look that makes them stand out these days, a particular colour scheme being one of them.
I decided to go for a nature/natural look. I could mix wooden surfaces and textiles without the room feeling cold as brown gives a warm feel, and thinking about it's function as a hotel, it is easier to clean. Hence why I chose wooden flooring with rugs. 
The only large window appears as a feature on the first wall a guest would see and would frame a nice view of the surroundings. Because of the large window I wanted the main area to feel open, hence why I put the wardrobe in the entrance area. I chose an outdoor/indoor look in the bathroom going for lighter shades of brown with black to contrast. I would have liked to add a few plants as the final touch just to emphasise the theme of bringing the outside in.
Modern but still has a feeling of warmth and cosiness. 
Three concrete walls painted charcoal. One dark wood feature wall. A nice light marble flooring to contrast them. Wood, black and gold metal as well as fabric for the furniture and finishing touches.
A simple bright pastel living room. Inspired by the idea of a summer sitting room, with  a piano to entertain or play for fun :) Please feel free to comment any feedback.