Komentarze (5)

Mr. Tomato

Hi,i voted for you and you did not vote for me :( so please vote for me or I WILL remove my vote

2020-06-26 18:49:03
Hall Pat

Hola vote por tu proyecto, agradecería mucho si votaras por el mío :) Si no quisieras no te preocupes, yo dejaré mi voto seguro en tu proyecto, no te sientas forzad@ :) Aquí un render de mi proyecto.

2020-06-26 21:53:32

Hi! I really like your project! The colors are so perfect, I love the blue wall! I already voted for you, and I hope you'll vote for me too

2020-06-27 15:45:00
Born to be Wild

Your design concept is well thought out! Voted for you. Do check out my design & vote for it if you find it nice :-)

2020-06-28 12:20:11

its rly good! i like it! i voted for u, i would appreciate it if u would vote for me!

2020-06-28 21:26:03