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Awesome! I'll vote for you if you vote for me! I am on page 2!

2020-06-23 02:24:37
Jamila Saeed

Wow! I will vote for you also if you vote for me

2020-06-23 12:49:34

Wow! looks great! If you leave a comment and a vote on my project, page 27 i will leave a vote here for you too!

2020-06-23 13:10:38

Hi :) I like it..it's clean..I'll definitely vote for you please vote for me too! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/7686 here's my link.

2020-06-23 14:35:48
just_another_ theater_kid

hi yea um https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/7731

2020-06-23 16:02:58

ty for the feedback ;)

2020-06-23 17:12:55
modern house designer

it's pretty. to be honest, I would want that kitchen in my home. thx for the comment btw

2020-06-23 18:07:46
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your kitchen looks very nice. Even though the walls are white, you still managed to make it look dark.

2020-06-23 18:45:22
Interior Designsss

Wow! It's really good!!! It's creative, nice, smart, and the colors are great together!!! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/7653

2020-06-23 19:20:20
Eliot Francisco Dominguez

Excelente proyecto, tienes talento. https://planner5d.com/es/contests/detail/8018 También vota por mi, claro si te gusta. Déjame tu link en los comentarios para compartirlo. Si entras al link veras mi render.

2020-06-23 21:09:35
Hall Pat

Es muy sobrio los colores son buenos para el ambiente. Creo que se habrían podido agregar más detalles pero está bien. Por cierto te agradeceria que visitaras mi proyecto y dejaras un comentario o sugerencia ;) https://planner5d.com/es/contests/detail/7669/ Aquí el render de mi habitación: https://planner5d.com/storage/s/60794df52cb51e14889afede2880acad_3438585.jpg?v=1592834856 https://planner5d.com/storage/s/60794df52cb51e14889afede2880acad_3438586.jpg?v=1592834868 https://planner5d.com/storage/s/60794df52cb51e14889afede2880acad_3438717.jpg?v=1592838566

2020-06-23 22:21:02

Hi! I really like your project! Please check out my kitchen and leave a comment! https://planner5d.com/it/contests/detail/7837

2020-06-24 13:38:42
Esme Gigi Genevieve Squalor

Hi! I love how this kitchen looks very relaxed. It certainly is a very good kitchen!

2020-06-25 15:02:09

wow! its so good! i will definitely vote for u when voting starts, please vote for me! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/7828

2020-06-25 15:26:51
Interior Designsss

I voted for you! Please vote for me! Thank you! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/7653

2020-06-26 00:11:56

Simply unique

2020-06-26 03:18:53

Hi! I voted for you, I hope you'll vote for me! https://planner5d.com/it/contests/detail/7837

2020-06-26 10:04:48
Hall Pat

Hola vote por tu proyecto, agradecería mucho si votaras por el mío :) https://planner5d.com/es/contests/detail/7669 Aquí un render de mi proyecto. https://planner5d.com/storage/s/60794df52cb51e14889afede2880acad_3438586.jpg?v=1592834868 https://planner5d.com/storage/s/60794df52cb51e14889afede2880acad_3438717.jpg?v=1592838566

2020-06-26 13:43:56

its rly good! i like it! i voted for u, i would appreciate it if u would vote for me! https://planner5d.com/contests/detail/7828

2020-06-26 16:26:34