yossi moskovitz

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Hi, I like the colors you used, and the layout is really great. I love the curtains that divide the living area from the dining part. What I miss a little are the tiles, but the walls have somewhat similar type of pattern, so it is ok.

2020-12-14 19:16:50
King Aaqib Ayaz (please vote)

Nice, The colors match, all is organized, But their is a very slight mistake, don't try to duplicate things, it makes your project kind of boring and different things make it interesting... Well, overall I like it and I would rate it about 8/10... But it's still not pretty bad so you're good to go!

2020-12-14 23:19:53

Hi nice job

2020-12-15 00:39:14
User 16603437

2020-12-15 20:23:38
Richard Brown

This is excellent. It's like you have superhuman powers. I love your color scheme and your arrangements. This is so awesome. My eyes are pleased. much love blessings and good luck with the competition.

2020-12-15 21:10:56

Hello, Moskovitz. It's a beautiful design. I love the Mandala patterns. Amazing job. I can't wait until the voting starts. You have definitely earned my vote. Thank you - KittenDesigns

2020-12-16 13:50:57

Hello! I just wanted to say that I really love the design! Although I think that the walls are a bit overwhelming I like it a lot!

2020-12-16 15:20:45
Skylar Sipp

hi i saw your comment and i voted for you

2020-12-18 00:17:00
Rizki Agustin


2020-12-18 14:52:47

Hola, me encanta tu estilo marroquí... bravo!

2020-12-18 15:00:49
Selah Reiber

Hey, Moskovitz! I like what you did with the space. I'm not sure I would've chosen the wallpaper that you did, but if you like it, then to each their own. I like how you used to color red throughout your design and how you decorated your bookshelf as I did. Overall, amazing job! Will vote!

2020-12-19 04:01:51

Привет! Понравился ваш дизайн!) В новом голосовании , очень неудобном, я проголосовала уже 2 раза!))))

2020-12-19 08:23:20

Great Job!

2020-12-19 12:52:49
Oli O

Thank you for looking at mine on page 10, and I love your room and especially the separator beautiful work!

2020-12-19 21:09:46