yossi moskovitz

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Softball Girl (please vote)

WOW I love it I love ALL of the wood walls please check out mine but theres a problem mine isnt popping up on page 19 so if you want please click my name and find my project thanks I will vote u whenI can

2020-12-08 19:21:01
Softball Girl (please vote)

btw ur AMAZING this is hitting the nail on the head it is exactly what this competion was!! Im so jelous ur sooooooooooooooo good

2020-12-08 19:21:54
Paris dreamer

Ooooooooh very pretty design! I love all the creams and whites! I will vote. Please see mine on page 43! Thank you!

2020-12-09 01:37:40

A very interesting project. I like the choice of material - the floor, the walls, the ceiling, the tidiness of the space, the freshness of the colors, but it doesn’t look tropical to me. Although - I like the project. If you don't mind, I invite you to view my project on p. 34

2020-12-09 21:05:34

I will vote this please vote mine

2020-12-10 05:51:17

I voted for you,, if you think my project deserves your vote, you get it on p. 34. thank you

2020-12-12 17:22:37
Richard Brown

this is kewl. smiling while voting you in.

2020-12-12 21:57:28