Komentarze (7)


wow! i LOVE it! incredible! simply incredible!

2020-10-07 03:11:45

Thank you.

2020-10-07 04:58:56
Amanpreet Kaur

Wow! I like your idea, you add something different from others.

2020-10-07 06:56:00
Milica G.

Hi Tatjana! I find your project very interesting, especially because of the attached outdoor terrace, it looks as it was original part of the challenge. I also love the how Green, Mustard and Dk Brown go together. Izgleda super :)! Ćao!

2020-10-07 12:06:32

Hi, very nice work, and it was certainly hard to do the patio from bar to bar. But the interior is also beautiful.

2020-10-07 15:59:47

Hi girl! your design is pretty and beautiful!

2020-12-22 17:58:41
eveline dau

nice design! thank you for commenting on mine :) by the way I love the modern and minimalism concept u have

2020-12-24 14:12:15