Saulė Kardašaitė

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Milica G.

There is nothing to complain about your project, I really love it the way it is. You have had a similar idea like myself, regarding seats in the area with windows, but your solution is much better with using only three elements, so far. I love your choice of green shade on the sofa and it goes great with warm browns and tiny patterns in black and light gray.

2020-10-05 19:28:24

Hi Saulė. Thank you for your comments. To answer your question about adding layers to the floors. I used skirting boards, window sills and rugs, which I elevated. For the window boxes I used closets, which I sank into the ground. Hope you find these tricks useful :-)

2020-10-05 20:27:07

Very creative, i havent seen anyone use the table as a chair. Very nice and I love the color scheme. Thx for your comment, and Good Luck!

2020-10-05 20:31:12
Hall Pat

Hola, muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi proyecto, no me ofende en absoluto, por el contrario aprecio tu sinceridad. La verdad quería hacer algo distinto, pero para no perder la iluminación mantuve el blanco. Bueno dejando eso de lado voy a lo importante tu proyecto. Es precioso por dónde se le mire, la selección de color es muy agradable y funciona bien entre si, la pared obscura fue muy acertada y esos otomanos bajo la ventana fueron una manera muy inteligente de usar el espacio. Buen trabajo.

2020-10-05 20:49:24

Hi, thanks for your comment. The whole project became a little crowded, you are right. Maybe I tried to stuff too much in it... I love yours, the colurs, the walls, the bench by the window and whole impression. The fireplace seem to be too big to me, but I have actually seen such a fireplace in scandinavian rooms so it is okay too.

2020-10-05 20:50:48
Born to be Wild

Hi , thanks for your review. Your design is very nice. The benches by the window look awesome. The sofa color is also very beautiful. Overall thumbs up!

2020-10-06 06:52:04
Potato chip

Thank you for your comment. Your room looks very nice. I like the bench you made under the windows.

2020-10-06 17:29:03

Buen trabajo! Has elegido bien los colores oscuros al mezclarlos con los claros.

2020-10-07 20:09:29
Hall Pat

Votado! ( Sin compromiso.) :)

2020-10-09 02:17:08

Понравился ваш дизайн за правильную удобную расстановку мебели, сочетание цвета--в целом получилось эргономично и уютно! Голосую!!!))))

2020-10-09 11:03:43
Huzaifah Al-Quraishi

Hi! I really love your project! I really love the sofa area! You are so talented! AMAZING PROJECT! I already voted for your project! please vote for my project on page 1!

2020-10-09 15:28:39
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2020-10-09 17:16:50
User 15281715

2020-10-09 17:16:57
Milica G.

Voted :), good luck!

2020-10-09 17:49:08

I completely love this design, Great Job! Voted :)

2020-10-09 20:50:50

thanks for the comment/vote! I love yours i looks amazing! Voted!! :)

2020-10-09 21:02:22

P.s love the benches! :)

2020-10-09 21:03:55

Voted...Like the dark green sofa and textured walls.

2020-10-10 00:05:27

Нраица, voted

2020-10-10 07:34:49
Born to be Wild


2020-10-10 08:49:57
Purple Cherish

Thanks for your positive comment. I love your colour choices. Voted.

2020-10-10 09:57:59

Thanks for liking my design and to be honest this amazing!!!!!! I Love and im voting for you!

2020-10-10 15:44:30


2020-10-10 17:59:40
Elena Z

thanks a lot for your comment! I really like the wall with the fireplace. Voted

2020-10-11 11:37:40
Potato chip

Thank you for the vote. I voted for you too.

2020-10-11 21:41:46

Hello I voted you! Pls come vote me! Thanks Cobra Kai!

2020-10-11 22:53:33