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Hello Victória scorpioni. I just wanted to tell you that your design is really cool! :) The dark theme looks very nice :) Mine is on page 12 if you want to see :)

2020-08-17 19:08:39
Victória Scorpioni

Thank you for the comment Anon! Great feedback!

2020-08-17 23:31:45

omigosh! love, love, love!!! really modern and warm looking!! love the red accents! you have my vote!!!

2020-08-18 00:03:07
Victória Scorpioni

Thank you, Jessica! I love get feedbacks!

2020-08-18 00:45:02

I like the red colors it makes it look really warm and cozy. Mine is on page 26 if you want to go give feedback on it!

2020-08-19 01:30:47
Victória Scorpioni

Thank you Camila! For sure i'm gonna visit yours!

2020-08-19 18:08:48
User 9424078

2020-08-21 01:58:43
Hall Pat

Te vote, te agradecería si visitaras mi proyecto y dejaras un comentario, sugerencia o tú like si te agrada (◠‿◕)

2020-08-21 19:39:41
Anonymous :)

Very nice layout.

2020-08-23 23:46:30
Victória Scorpioni

Thank you all

2020-08-24 15:27:20