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I think yours is AMAZING! Come vote me on Page 8, I vote you, you vote me!! I REALLY want to get to the top 5 so, pls get me there. STAY SAFE! Thanks! ;-)

2020-07-27 11:23:46
Born to be Wild

I really like the overall layout and way you have used the wardrobe to create separate spaces. The lavender color adds the pop of color which i love. Do check mine and leave your views Page 12

2020-07-27 16:44:41

Hello, please check my project in page 16 And Renders : And please just leave your page number in my comment project with your renders and i will for sur give you a feedback more specific

2020-07-27 20:32:59

I love the bedsheet! And the little decorations here and there, especially the hexagonal mirrors, chic and pretty

2020-07-28 01:20:52
shashank alshi

I must admit, this is one of the best layouts and the ceiling are awesome. The colours I wouldn't agree with much but having said that it completely goes with the look that you are going for.

2020-07-30 07:28:23
shashank alshi

Do check out mine if you have the time. It's on page 19, the last one. Would love to get some feedback! Cheers!

2020-07-30 07:28:33
User 13726813

2020-07-31 01:18:55
Hall Pat

Es muy colorido pero la distribución es muy buena, además me agrada bastante lo que hiciste en el techo. El área de la cocina me gusta mucho no se siente apretada ni mucho menos. Que bien! Te vote :). Te agradecería si visitaras mi proyecto y dejaras un comentario o sugerencia, estoy en la página 2 ;D dejaré unos renders por si quieres mirarlos.

2020-08-01 15:59:40

hi i really like your project i voted for u pls vote for me on page18

2020-08-02 11:28:25