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Mariner Style

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Peppa Pig x
Hi Micaela! I was just wondering, could you please design a house for me? I understand that you might be busy, but your project really inspired me and I loved it, so I thought that you could design a house for me. Would that be ok with you? My style would be lots of big, white windows, a cute, elegant and modern beach/scandinavian/mariner style, with mainly natural colours on the kitchen, dining and living room, otherwise some patterns and soft, pastel colours on the cushions and other details. I would like a big two storey house that is spacious. On the first floor I would like a kitchen, dining, living room with a fireplace and a TV, 2 bathrooms, a laundry, a library room, a party/games room (with a small bar), and 2 bedrooms for guests (preferably in a small corridor where one of the bathrooms will be so that its near the guests).
2021-12-16 03:22:21
Peppa Pig x
On the second floor I would like 8 bedrooms ( all separately and one of them with 2 single sized beds or a bunk bed in it as the kids room) that all have a built in wardrobe, and living room that leads out to a big balcony. For all the bedrooms that are upstairs I would like to make sure that all the bedrooms have a desk in it (except for the master bedroom) and a small bathroom. For the first floor I would also like a home office.
2021-12-16 03:25:00
Peppa Pig x
For the backyard, I would like to make sure it is big. Please include a big pool, chaise lounges, a bbq with an outside dining table that has a roof over it, aswell as a medium sized garden that has some benches. Please make sure the garage has a door that leads into the house, and make sure it is a 2 car space garage. Also please make sure there is a front porch and a terrace/deck/porch that leads onto the backyard. Also that entryway would be perfect for the house! - Thank you. I understand that you might be busy, so take your time, no need to rush.
2021-12-16 03:29:42