Klasikinio stiliaus virtuvė su svetaine

Suprojektuokite klasikinio stiliaus virtuvę su svetaine.

Madeline Cyfko

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Madeline Cyfko


2021-02-02 18:24:03
Melanie Cyfko

Good job!! The only feedback I will give is to add a bit more colour to make it look less boring! Otherwise, it looks stunning!

2021-02-02 18:31:11
Madeline Cyfko

thnx :)

2021-02-03 14:08:31

Give me a lesson

2021-04-03 11:28:08

I want a lesson

2021-04-03 11:28:41
Madeline Cyfko

Okay, what do you exactly want it on?

2021-04-03 21:20:57

I have no idea. The basics?

2021-04-04 10:00:39
Madeline Cyfko

Oh, so you see all of my stuff? It is simple. 1. It can't be crowded or tacky. 2. It has to be airy

2021-04-09 14:50:42


2021-04-11 12:13:09

Anything else?

2021-04-14 11:05:24