Atviro tipo biuras

Suprojektuokite biuro interjerą šviesių spalvų su ryškiais akcentais.


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I like how the office is divided in to the sections, offers some privacy to the staff and also individual storage cabinets. Please feel free to check out mine on Pg 7

2020-08-03 11:06:49

I like how the shelves are positioned I also like the colors you picked great job

2020-08-04 22:50:13

Lovely design and a great use of space. Voted for you. :) Please check out mine on page 8 :)

2020-08-08 19:42:23

Wow! Very creative. Love the colors and using the wardrobe as divider is a great move. Good job! Check out mine on page 2. Please vote if you like it and comment honest opinions. Thanks

2020-08-09 15:25:53