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shashank alshi

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hello, I love this space! I really like all of the storage in your bedroom. A suggestion would be making all of the wood accents on the same colour pallet!! Good job tho!

2020-07-29 00:34:28

shashank alshi, thanks your good comment!!! i will vote you!! thanks!! good luck!! Cheers!

2020-07-29 01:58:06
shashank alshi

Thanks for the feedback, but I did make my wood accents the same. Giving the study table a different colour was a deliberate choice. I wanted a colour break to the monotony of the wood colour in the house.

2020-07-29 04:08:56

I really like this, I love the kitchen and the position of things. (mines on page 4

2020-07-29 06:09:32

Thanks for your comment

2020-07-29 06:09:42

as i am english and we don't use electricity in our bathrooms for electric safety here in the uk i just don't feel right with the washing machine in the bathroom

2020-07-29 06:40:35

also is there a main colour or pattern like a theme bc im find a lot of different patterns and colours witch kind of hurts my eye but great layout

2020-07-29 06:42:30
shashank alshi

Hi ellie, Thanks for the great insight!!! I am an Indian, and keeping the washing machine in the bathroom with a plastic base and rubber knobs beneath is a common thing to do. The houses in Mumbai are small. We do have started having separate little rooms for washing machines now, but that's the latest trend. So, It felt natural to me. It is amusing how things work differently for different regions. And as for the colours, I recently saw these small pop of colours in very neutral environments which fascinated me, and I thought of giving it a go in this design. That is the whole point with this, right? ;P

2020-07-29 07:36:00
Red Minch

Thank you for the comment! And you're right, mine is the exact oppisite of yours (and I mean that in a good way). I really like where you place your furniture, and the colors you use! This is a really good project. Definitely, voting for you! Here's my project (on pg. 19):

2020-07-29 16:53:08
Potato chip

Thank you for the comment. Your design looks very good. I like the little bits of blue and yellow you added.

2020-07-30 03:26:47
Flame X Rose

Hiiii, thanks for your comment. I really like yourss. I love the layout of your room. I really love the wood furniture.. i also love that you put that thing (i dont know what it calls :v) so it gives the bedroom some privacy. (I’m on page 6)

2020-07-30 04:17:17

Love the layout! Voting 4 u! =)

2020-07-30 04:59:50
Sim Dhanda

Really love the way you have put everything. Especially the bed and desk. Please vote for my project if you get time, my project is on page 9. I really like your project. Thanks xx :)

2020-07-30 08:15:50
shashank alshi

Thank you for the comments, guys! Really appreciate it!

2020-07-30 08:22:00

hi, I really like your project and the wood colour. please vote for me when you get the chance, I'll do the same. Thanks :-)

2020-07-30 08:38:56

hi thank you for liking mine, I like your creative ideas. P.S one of the votes are mine I'm on page 5 :)

2020-07-31 04:16:28
User 13597005

2020-07-31 18:28:49
shashank alshi

Thank you! I will surely be voting for you guys as well!!!

2020-08-01 01:44:14
Anonymous Baby


2020-08-01 06:01:27
Soledad Ahumada

voted!! really cool !!

2020-08-02 03:49:54
Elena Z

Hallo, your layout is really good. And I like the yellow and blue touches, they make everything more lively. Voted!

2020-08-02 15:08:36
Potato chip

Thank you for voting. I have voted for you as well.

2020-08-02 15:30:46