20 Spring Home Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Spring is about renewal and new beginnings. Why not apply that principle to your home? Here is how.

Hello spring sign with purple flowers on the mantel - spring home decor ideas
Spring home decor ideas | Kristen Prahl/Shutterstock

Every year when spring rolls around, people tend to focus on spring cleaning and organizing. However, spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. This means it’s the perfect time to refresh your space with a spring home decor makeover. Add some freshness and cheer, and say goodbye to winter.

In this post, we share easy and fun ways to transition your home’s decor into this new season. Whether you’re looking for simple changes or a whole project, this post is for you.

Add some flowers

Spring decor ideas - beautiful lilac flowers on table in living room
Add spring flowers to your decor | Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Adding fresh flowers is a great way to add some spring decor vibes to your home. Seasonal flowers like tulips, hyacinths, lilacs and daffodils come in various options, from cut flowers you can place in a vase to potted ones you can display anywhere in the house. Place them on bookshelves and tables all over your home. Not only will they look great, but they will also brighten up the room and have it smell amazing - flowers will even work in a bathroom.

Go for pastels

A green kitchen in spring decor. Kitchen utensils, dishes and plate on the kitchen island table.
Pastel green in the kitchen | stock_studio/Shutterstock

Pastel colors are a great way to add splashes of spring to your home and are perfectly on-trend for the spring season. Pastels can work great anywhere, from painted walls to kitchen utensils.

Soft furnishings

Add spring elements to your decor by amping up the coziness and bringing in the pillows - bonus points for pastel-colored pillows! You can also add texture with woven pillows, neutral tones, or floral prints, which are perfect for a springtime aesthetic.

Interior of beautiful modern bedroom with spring flowers
Spring room decor | Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Other soft furnishings include throws and blankets, which look great in living areas and bedrooms. They also add texture and color to any room. While spring means you're coming out of the coldness of winter, a light blanket or throw is still a perfect addition to creating comfort and warmth.

Update your walls

Changing the color of your walls is a sure way of making a drastic change and might be just what you need. Stay on theme with greens, yellows or reds, or add pops of spring colors in rooms in neutral palettes.

Pink and white peonies on the bookshelf in glass vases. Round golden mirror above the fireplace
Paint your walls a spring color | Anna Odessitka/Shutterstock

Wallpaper is another great way to add a touch of spring decor to your home. Opt for floral patterns or sping-theme designs. This option works best as an accent wall so it doesn't overwhelm the room. However, if you're brave enough, you should go for wallpaper all over the room. You can always use peel-and-stick wallpaper to have an option of easy removal if you change your mind.

Include yellow accents

Composition with spring flowers in a cozy living room.
Yellow is the color of spring | PV productions/Shutterstock

Yellow is a spring color, and you can add a bit of sunshine to any room by adding it to your decor. Even the smallest piece can have a huge impact! Go for yellow flowers, pillows, blankets, curtains or small decor items like vases and candles to brighten up any corner of your home.

Spring ideas for your table

Spring floral table settings with spring flowers.
Spring table setting | Maria Rom/Shutterstock

With the arrival of spring, you may find yourself cooking more and hosting dinner parties. You can add a sprinkle of spring to your table to brighten up your setting and make your food stand out. Think floral tablecloths, placemats, colored cups and glasses, spring-themed centerpieces and meals with seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Add some greenery

Different green plants in pots
Freshen up your home with plants | Mid Tran Designer/Shutterstock

While flowers are a popular spring decor idea, plants can also add freshness to your home. Consider adding plants in various sizes and pots to add depth and interest to a room while staying on trend with the season. Bonus points if the pots are spring themed or in spring colors.

Go for rattan

Bench with rattan storage baskes and plants
Rattan for spring | habibHidayat/Shutterstock

Rattan screams spring and is a great way to add texture to a room. This boho-themed accessory works well with bedroom headboards, living room mirrors, and even bathroom or hallway baskets. Rattan is a very versatile material, and using it in your decor will add a touch of spring to any home.

Switch up your layout

Colorful bouquet of tulip flowers in ceramic vase standing on a wooden cabinet.
Move things around | Okrasiuk/Shutterstock

While spring cleaning may be high on your to-do list, why not rearrange your furniture while at it? This small change can bring significant improvement to your home with minimal effort and no cost. The new arrangement should take a few minutes to plan, and you might end up with a layout you love even more.

Go for shades of blue

Entry way pained in ligth blue with a staircase and wooden railing
Blue is a timeless color | David Henderson85/Shutterstock

Blue may not seem like a very spring color, but something about it makes us think of this season. This timeless color makes us think of the sea, blue skies and summer days. Adding blue to your home is a great way to add some spring vibes and bring back some freshness to your decor.

Don’t forget about rugs

Rugs can tie a room together| Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Rugs are a great way to tie the room together and add that finishing touch. Look for a rug that will add a fresh and vibrant feeling to a room and amplify the sense of springtime.

Try this simple window hack

Morning sunshine peeking through an open window and sheer curtains
Free and easy | VanoVasaio/Shutterstock

The quickest and simplest way to add a touch of spring to any room is to pen a window. Raise the shades, open the curtains, push open the windows in your home, and allow the fresh spring air in. A small thing like this can change the entire ambiance of a room and is a great way to add a sense of spring to your home every day.

Set out a bowl of fruit

Loquat fruit in bowl with fresh leaves
Add color with a fruit bowl | Veliavik/Shutterstock

Using fruit bowls as decor in the kitchen, on a table, or dining room is a great way to add pops of color and showcase seasonal fruit. Find yourself a beautiful floral fruit bowl or a spring-themed one, and fill it with lemons or apples. This is a great way to add fresh spring scents to your home and those yellow accents we spoke about earlier.

Use mirrors

Hallway entrance big round mirror, table and cushion against brick wall
Use mirrors to add brightness | New Africa/Shutterstock 

Mirrors are a well-known industry trick used by every interior designer. Add a mirror to any room and watch the light bounce around with brightness. During spring, when the days are getting longer and sunnier, you'll want to have those curtains pulled back and windows open to let that springtime light into your home.

Create a flower feature

Hanging Flower Pots on a wooden fence
Use flowers | asharkyu/Shutterstock

Flower walls are a great DIY way of adding a touch of spring to your home and pops of color. Get a few beautiful dried flowers you love and hang them on the wall to create a simple and effective change to your decor. You can also use plant shrubs, flowers, herbs and vegetables to create outdoor wall features.


Light bulbs and vines
Photo by Patrick Schneider / Unsplash

While natural lighting is always your best option, it may not always be available in every room. Spring is about brightness and freshness, so update your indoor lighting to make it brighter. You might have to switch your lampshade, change the lightbulb or get a new light fixture.

Change your bedding

Is there anything better than all-white bedding? It makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. I made this fresh flower arrangement from flowers I bought at a local shop and had to take a photo.
Photo by Logan Nolin / Unsplash

A simple way to update your bedroom decor for spring is to change your bedding. Opt for lighter and brighter fabrics like crisp, white sheets for the ultimate spring vibe. Pair this with colorful pillows and throws - as we discussed, and your room will be set for the season.

Use white and cream

Photo by Deconovo / Unsplash

These colors are easy ways to add freshness and liveliness to your home. While they may seem boring, it's a simple way to refresh the interior. Think about painting a wall, the fireplace and adding some candles, vases, picture frames or lamps. Any additional cream or white in a room will go a long way.

Update your entryway

Spruce up your front door | karamysh/Shutterstock

First impressions are very important, so think about how your entryway looks. If you want to make a considerable change, why not paint your door a spring color? If you want smaller and less permanent change, hang a spring-themed wreath on the front door to create a friendly and exciting welcome. Remember, wreaths aren't only for Christmas!

Celebrate Easter vibes

Pastel tricolor Easter eggs in a nest for home decoration
Get Easter-ready | Fanni_2021/Shutterstock

With spring comes Easter, so why not get prepared for the holidays early? Think anything bunny-themed - this can work well in a child's bedroom, garden or living room. Even Easter vases or baskets filled with colored eggs will help you stay on theme.


Whether you want to start small or go all out, updating your decor for the season is always a great idea. From spring colors to florals and lighting to pillows, there are an unlimited amount of ways you can add spring decor to your home.

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