Project Insight with Hall Patt: Interview with an App User and Design Enthusiast

We sat down with Andrea, a Planner 5D user, to discuss her time on the app, her design process and her latest project. Read on to learn more about Andrea, her projects and the difficulties she faced.

Project Insight with Hall Patt: Interview with an App User and Design Enthusiast

This week, Planner 5D spoke with Andrea - better known on Instagram as @hall_pat_19, a design enthusiast who also happens to be a Planner 5D user! We sat down together to discuss her time on the app as well as the design process, and an insight into her latest project and the difficulties that she faced. Read on to discover a bit about Andrea, her projects, and more!

About Andrea & Planner 5D Beginnings

Andrea, like many of our users, let us know that it is something she does for fun in their spare time. She stated, "I do it as a hobby." There are a lot of people who are doing this for fun, but there is also the possibility of making a career out of it and our app is definitely something that can help with that!

Andrea told us a little bit about her time on the app and why she made the decision to download it. She told us, "I used the application before, but it was not until two years ago that I made my account. I downloaded the application because I am attracted to interior design and the Planner 5D application was accessible and easy to understand." We're sure many of our users will agree with this statement!

I really did not look for tutorials at first, but later I did because I was interested in learning how to use various articles and some tools that until then I had not been able to use quite well. In addition to that, I supported a lot in the designs of the gallery to have a clearer idea of how to use the furniture correctly.

You can find Planner 5D tutorials both for beginners and professional users on our YouTube channel.  

Latest Project

As Andrea has been using the app for years, we wanted to get some insight into her latest project with Planner 5D that makes her proud. She provided us with an example and explained, "Without a doubt, it would be the project ´Japanese Style House.´"

Andrea participates regularly in the Design Battles and tells us what she likes most about this competition.

I like different aspects. Starting with the furniture that is delivered in each challenge since normally they can be items that in my case I do not use continuously and with this, I can give myself the opportunity to try them.

She continued to tell us how she likes the different topics each week as it gives more variety to work, which a lot of our users love.

Another aspect would be the topics assigned each week, which makes it fun, as you work on something different constantly and more ideas are produced. The contests that I liked the most this 2021 were Halloween, Bath by Candlelight, and Happy New year!

Our Design Battle is a weekly contest that we run in which we provide users with a theme and they have to design an interior that is associated with this theme. It's an incredibly fun way to get involved with the app but also a great way to win a prize and boost your profile with Planner 5D. Check it out here!

Design Process

The design process usually gives us an insight into how a person works!

I started the project by creating a lake from a pool and continued with the entrance and rest area. This was followed by the dining room and kitchen area. Then I added the details, and when I considered that it was finished I added another level where I would place the rooms and a small work area for each room, as well as separate bathrooms.

An interesting way to design but, as always, a great way to start can be by working from the base and building onto this, however, we are constantly seeing different processes by our users which we love to hear!

Difficulties & Interests

As always, whenever we interview anyone about their latest projects - or any projects they have worked on, we like to know what the difficulties were that they had faced. With Andrea, her answer was very interesting! She explained how she wasn't convinced by the project so added a few more details until they felt happy. She said, "I added more plants, as I was not fully convinced by the layout." We fully understand this as it is usually the smaller details that make a project feel more complete!

Likewise, we love to hear about what our users feel was the most interesting part of their project. When we asked Andrea, she let us know that individual details were the most interesting part for her.

I really enjoyed placing the details. The most interesting part for me was the dining room area.

Again, this shows that a lot of the time the small details are what matter.

We fully understand this as it is usually the smaller details that make a project feel more complete and adding natural materials to an interior can make all of the difference, check out our blog post on Nature and Organics to find out why!

Planner 5D Tools

Planner 5D provides an array of tools to use when using our app, so we asked Andrea if she used any special tools that Planner 5D provides for users during her design process. Andrea let us know that she is a fan of the Magic Cube tool, which she used quite a lot for her last project.

Particularly for this project, I used the Magic Cube on more than one occasion, even most of the furniture was created from this tool.

We love to see our users make use of the design tools the app provides and love to hear how and where they have used them!

Favorite Project

Andrea told us what she thought was her best project and why she thought this, she provided us to see for ourselves. After seeing the project in question, we understand why she loves it.

In my opinion, the project "Department N" is my favorite. This design has a modern theme and good use of space.

If you want to see the project for yourself, check it out.

Whether you are a professional designer or just a beginner, usually you have a design trend that catches your eye.

Smart furniture. This trend really pleases me because with it you can adapt all kinds of spaces and make them really nice.

The information Andrea has provided us with is incredibly interesting. It's always great to speak with someone who uses Planner 5D, as it allows us to learn from them, and gain insight into what our users love about the app. It's also always great to learn a bit more about our users and their passions. We're sure with reading this you'll be desperate to get started on your projects with the app! Let us know what you think, we love hearing from you!

We're sure with reading this you'll be desperate to get started on your projects with the app! Let us know what you think, we love hearing from you! Even if you are a complete beginner with design, you can still get going. Download our app and play around and/or join our Design School to learn a bit more about how to design functional, ergonomic, and stunning interiors. Once you get started, you won't want to stop!

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