Planner 5D & Apple Vision Pro: Transforming Interior Design

The future of interior design is here, and Planner 5D is leading the way.

Planner 5D & Apple Vision Pro for interior design
Planner 5D & Apple Vision Pro

The future of interior design is here, and it's all about virtual reality. Planner 5D app for Apple Vision Pro offers detailed customization and realistic views by combining spatial experience with 3D simulation, which is a game changer for professional interior designers and design enthusiasts.

By harnessing the power of Apple's cutting-edge technology, Planner 5D has equipped interior designers with advanced design tools. The potential for creativity is boundless, with 3D visualizations that allow every nook and cranny of a room to be considered with the highest level of detail.

Integration of cutting-edge technology in design

With Planner 5D and Apple Vision Pro, design is no longer static. It's dynamic, interactive and distinctly futuristic. The tools empower users to engage with their designs in an unprecedented way. Vision Pro's technology's touchless aspects make the design process more engaging and hygienic—perfect for the post-pandemic world.

The Planner 5D with Apple Vision Pro combo slashes the traditional design time by eliminating the need to move back and forth between drawing boards and 3D modeling software. This streamlining of the process allows designers to be more creative and efficient in their craft.

interior design for office with Planner 5D & Apple Vision Pro

Enhanced design visualization in 2D/3D

The integration of Planner 5D with Apple Vision Pro means that what was once confined to flat 2D representations of living spaces can now be experienced in rich 3D detail. Interior design lovers can now immerse themselves in life-like visualizations, ensuring every decorative decision is made in a thoroughly realistic environment.

Improved user experience for interior designers and homeowners

The advanced features of Apple Vision Pro, coupled with the unrivaled simplicity of the Planner 5D user interface, provide a design experience that is not only impressive but accessible. Design professionals will appreciate the ease with which they can communicate and actualize their visions. At the same time, homeowners will relish taking the reins in their renovation or decoration projects.

How it works

Planner 5D app for Apple Vision Pro offers detailed customization and realistic views by combining spatial experience with 3D simulation for professional interior designers and design enthusiasts. 

The VisionOS App allows real-time interior design modification by virtually furnishing and decorating spaces. It allows you to:

  • View 3D design projects in stunning detail
  • Customize interior items, surfaces and layouts
  • Explore renders and 360º panoramas in a fully immersive mode

While this version showcases viewing and editing capabilities, there will be more updates in the future with more advanced design and creation experience from Planner 5D’s iOS and iPadOS platforms.

Step 1: Download the app

  • Install the Planner 5D app for your Apple Vision Pro device and launch it.

Step 2: Design your project

  • Configure the project using your room's specs. Select from hundreds of interior objects and furniture from the Planner 5D catalog.

Step 3: Try it out

  • Preview your project by switching between 3D views, 360 Panorama, photorealistic renders, etc.
open concept kitchen created using Planner 5D & Apple Vision Pro

The partnership between Planner 5D and Apple Vision Pro is a testament to the vast potential at the intersection of design and technology. By bringing incredible 2D/3D design capabilities to the robust Apple Vision Pro platform, Planner 5D has democratized interior design, making it accessible to anyone with a vision for their living space.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce yet another way for people to curate their dream spaces,” says Andrey Ustyugov, CEO of Planner 5D. "Designing is one of the most personal things one can do, and we want to play a role in moving the industry forward alongside technological innovations like Apple Vision Pro.”

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