120+ New Items Added to Our Catalog

We have added over 120 items to our catalog. Check them out!

new decor items from Planner 5D
Design your space with our new decor items 

We have added over 120 new items to our catalog to make sure that you have all you need to design your ideal home. From architectural features to decor items for different rooms in your house and everything in between.

New items include pets, doors, windows, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, clothes, musical instruments and wall panels. Here are just some of the new items you can find in the catalog. To check out all the new additions, visit Planner 5D and start designing your space.    

Ecclectic living room designed with Planner 5D

All about the kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, we know that you want to make them functional, appealing and realistic. We've added many new food items and kitchen accessories to help you create a kitchen that reflects your needs. Of course, you can also use these items to plan for parties, get-togethers and organizing your kitchen.

New doors

Doors are a vital part of any interior design. Now, you can create even more unique designs with our collection of doors. Whether you're looking for solid doors or glass ones, there are many new options to choose from in our catalog.  

New items for your bathroom

Sometimes it's the little details that make a difference. When it comes to designing bathrooms, you need certain necessities to make the design work. Here are a few new items in the catalog that you can use in your bathroom projects.

New clothes items

We've added several new clothing items you can use in your home projects. From casual hoodies to dresses and hiking boots, you can find something new to complete your virtual wardrobe.  

New items for your furry friends

If you have furry friends living with you, there are new items in our catalog just for you. Whether you're designing a pet-friendly home or are looking to create special areas for your four-legged family members, these items will make that easier.

Decor odds and ends

You can find many new items in our catalog to make your projects more realistic. Express your personality with items that reflect your hobbies and style. From musical instruments and hanging chairs to wall paneling and new architectural features.

Visit Planner 5D for the full catalog, and start designing today!

Planner 5D designs with new items

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