45 New Design Items in Planner 5D and How to Find Them

Here are some new items in our catalog for you to try out.

45 New Design Items in Planner 5D and How to Find Them
New design features | Design by Moonface on Planner 5D

We always look for ways to help our users unleash their creativity. This means ensuring they have the best tools to create their dream homes. Based on the user feedback and new trends, we have added over 45 items to our design catalog, including armchairs, coffee tables, nightstands, TV stands and different types of chairs.

Our product catalog is already robust, with over 7,000 items. We are constantly expanding our library to offer our users the best experience possible. So we've got you covered if you're looking for that perfect piece to complete your living room or want to try a new style.

How to find new products in the catalog

Want to take some of these new items for a spin? Now you can.

Open any of your existing projects or start a new one from scratch. If you're using the web version, you’ll find the “new” button in the category toolbar on the left side of the screen. Once you click on it, you’ll see all the new products. Scroll down and select your favorite. Add to the layout like any other item. It’s that easy!

All the new items are now available in our catalog, and you can find them in the appropriate categories on all platforms.


We've added a new selection of armchairs that work with different design styles.  

Dining room and other chairs

There is a chair for every room, and we want to make sure you have a great selection to choose from for your designs.

Nightstand and side tables

No room design is complete without side tables. We've added new styles that will work for your bedroom and living room.

TV stands and sideboards

TV stands and sideboards are very popular items in our catalog. We've added several new pieces based on your feedback.

Coffee tables

There are many new coffee tables to choose from, no matter what your design style.

Planner 5D user projects

Here are some of the Planner 5D user projects with these new items.

Living room with a new stand and shelf by Ribeiriinhx
New items: makeup table, armchair, sofa, decor on the wall by Moonface
A mirror in a master bath by Damir
New lamp and chair by Oleksandra Kunieva 
Armchairs and lamp in a hotel room by Elena Z
Ottoman, lamp and table decor by Michel
New chair, coffee table, floor lamp and plants by Moonface
Plants, chairs and decor by Natasha

Want to give these new items a try? Head to Planner 5D and start designing your dream house today.

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