A Taste of Milan in Miami: Alcova Joins Miami Art Week

Alcova travels to Miami this year to be part of the Art Week. Here is everything you need to know about Alcova Miami.

A Taste of Milan in Miami: Alcova Joins Miami Art Week
Selina Gold Dust Motel | Image by Lorenzo Capelli, DSL Studio. Courtesy of Alcova.

Alcova is one of the essential events of the well-known Milan Design Week. With each edition, Alcova discovers new designers, brands and creatives to the world, functioning as a true shuttle for new talents in the design industry. This year, for the first time, Alcova travels beyond the confines of the Italian city, to be part of Miami Art Week.

If you are interested in design, art and architecture, don't miss all the details of this new international event: the first time that Alcova will bring its visionary interpretation of design outside of Milan.

What is Miami Art Week?

Miami Art Week is an annual event that attracts gallery owners, artists and collectors from all over the world. Thus, during the first week of December, Miami brings together various fairs, exhibitions and activities that position it as an important centre of the global contemporary art scene.

Every year, the main event of Miami Art Week is Art Basel Miami Beach, a fair that collects works by renowned contemporary artists, linked to different international galleries. But, in addition to this main fair, numerous satellite fairs and parallel events take place throughout the city, making it a global epicenter for professionals and lovers of contemporary art. And this year, one of the parallel fairs to Art Basel will be Alcova.


If Art Basel Miami and Miami Art Week are one of the global epicenters of contemporary art, Alcova and the Salone del Mobile in Milan are for the world of design. Alcova is one of the central events of Milan Design Week, which in turn is considered one of the most important events on the annual calendar for design lovers and professionals.

Alcova is a platform that seeks to give a voice to emerging furniture designers, as well as new brands and creatives in the sector, positioning their products in the spotlight of the press and buyers. Every year, Alcova develops its program in an abandoned building in Milan and uses art and design to breathe life into it. And this capacity to renew dilapidated spaces in the city has brought special fame and recognition to the event.

This winter, for the first time, Alcova's founders — Valentina Ciuffi and Joseph Grima — are taking their vision to the other side of the world, having chosen a series of locations in the city of Miami.

Valentina Ciuffi and Joseph Grima. Alcova 2023 | Image courtesy of Alcova.

What to expect from Alcova Miami?

The inaugural edition of Alcova Miami (which will take place between December 6 and 10 of this year) seeks to give importance to the unique architecture and cultural heritage of this American city.

Alcova Miami will showcase a carefully selected selection of installations, exhibitions and performances, which will include the work of both established artists and new authors. The chosen designers, brands and creators (more than 300 collaborators) come from all over the world, and will be the big surprise of the event. Alcova's DNA lies in exploring the future of design, so we can expect nothing less than something surprising.

Alcova Miami: The Locations

Recently, the Alcova organization announced the locations for its first edition in Miami. The event will take place between two iconic locations in the city: the Selina Gold Dust Motel and the former Emancipator Boatyard (a former shipyard), connected by the city's well-known Little River. Both sites are key locations in the historic area of ​​Miami, where you can find curious samples of architecture full of identity: Mediterranean Revival, Art-deco and Miami modernism.

As expected, Alcova in Miami will offer the opportunity to rediscover old architecture, although now not as dilapidated as its previous locations in Milan. These two locations, dating from the mid-20th century, have been renovated in recent years, and are currently in use.


With the arrival of Alcova in Miami, art , design and architecture will come together this December in this iconic American city. For any visitor to the city—or any design lover—Alcova Miami will be a wonderful opportunity to discover new designers and artists from around the world. So, if you get the chance, don't miss Alcova Miami.

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